3 Case Studies Limestone, Marble and Concrete Polished Flooring

3 Case Studies – Limestone, Marble and Concrete Polished Flooring

The flooring specialists at DirectStone spend much of their time polishing, restoring or repairing concrete flooring. Recently, though, they’ve been flexing their creative muscles with a range of different materials – in a variety of locations. It seems like a good opportunity, therefore, to talk about the skills they employ when dealing with limestone, marble or concrete polished flooring.

Case Study 1 – French Limestone Renovation

French Limestone Renovation

French limestone is considered the premier league in limestone flooring. This is down to the mellow honey tones of its colour palette, and the natural durability of the stone. The ‘French Stone’ as it’s also known, has been used to build palaces and châteaux. So the DirectStone team was delighted to be given the opportunity to renovate French limestone flooring in a beautiful Cambridgeshire house.

Our first task was to clean the stone thoroughly, paying particular attention to the grout joints which were mechanically scrubbed. The beautiful stone tiles were then honed to remove scratches and polished using HTC Superfloor™ machines and diamond tools. It was then sealed with two coats of impregnator to protect against staining, and buffed to a warm, glowing satin sheen.

Case Study 2 – Thassos Marble Restoration

Marble Flooring RestorationThe Greek island of Thassos has been famous throughout history for mines that produce the purest white marble to be found anywhere. The Romans used it extensively for their statues and temples, and it is still considered the marble of elegance and purity. The DirectStone team was asked to restore an exquisite 400 metres² Thassos marble floor in Belgravia, London.

The tiles required a deep clean in order to restore the gleaming whiteness of the stone. As part of this process our flooring specialists cut out all the old, stained grout and replaced it. The marble was then honed to remove the fine scratches that cover marble surfaces over time, leaving them dull and lustreless. Finally we polished the marble to bring it back to its original glory, as befitting this elegant Belgravia listed building.

Case Study 3 – Polished Concrete Flooring in Welwyn Garden City

Polished Concrete Flooring Welwyn Garden CityThere are a number of different ways to polish concrete flooring, each of which offers a slightly different result. Where the concrete slab is completely flat, we’re able to offer a natural polished paste finish. In this instance the concrete isn’t ground back to expose the aggregate below, instead the concrete skin is polished to a gloss that gloriously reflects natural light.

In this Welwyn residence, the quality of the concrete slab and the preponderance of natural light, made it a perfect location for the Bronze HTC Superfloor™ finish. The 95 metres² of concrete flooring was polished without removing the surface paste. This process brings out the natural colours of the concrete material, and provides a superb gloss which reflects sunlight.

Working With DirectStone Ltd

Our clients were delighted with the results achieved by DirectStone flooring team in each case. We were very happy to have had the opportunity to work with such a glorious range of flooring materials – a real privilege. If you have a stone or concrete floor that needs polishing, restoring, cleaning or repairing, call us today. We’re a friendly bunch, and we’ll be delighted to come and take a look.

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