4 Advantages of Microcement

Introducing Microcement, Flexible Interior Design

Polished concrete has long captivated design enthusiasts with its cool, minimalist aesthetic. But it’s not the ideal solution for all households. If you’re in love with the look of polished concrete, but need a more flexible alternative, take a look at microcement. This is the rising star of interior design, poised to revolutionise the way we approach modern, minimalist spaces.

Imagine seamless transitions between floors and walls, a unified canvas where boundaries blur and light plays naturally across expansive surfaces. Microcement, a thin-layer coating, achieves this polished beauty with an unprecedented level of ease and flexibility. This adaptable material breathes life into tired spaces, elevates design to new heights, and opens doors to endless creative possibilities.

Curious? The advantages of microcement are unique, making it a win-win for both design enthusiasts and practicality-minded homeowners. The DirectStone team of flooring specialists are delighted to introduce what makes this coating so special.

Flawless Surfaces

1. Unbroken Horizons – Flawless Surfaces

Forget the days of clunky grout lines and jarring transitions. Microcement creates rooms in which the floor glides effortlessly up the walls, unmarred by a single joint. This uniform surface isn’t just visually stunning; it expands the perceived space, infusing the room with a sense of openness and light.

Microcement’s seamless expanse provides you with timeless canvas that adapts to any style, from industrial chic to contemporary warmth, providing a backdrop for your design dreams to unfold. This unbroken flow creates an illusion of spaciousness, making even the smallest rooms feel airy and inviting.

2. A Spectrum of Choice – Tailoring Microcement to Your Vision

Microcement isn’t just a one-dimensional material; it’s a chameleon, adapting to your unique design style. Microcement boasts a vast palette of colours and a range of textured finishes, allowing you to personalise your space without compromising on practicality.

Colour Versatility:

  • Step beyond the ordinary – Microcement offers the freedom to realise your vision with its multiplicity of colours. Tailor a custom shade to match your décor or let DirectStone specialists help you to identify the ideal shade or colour that you require.
  • Matching any style – From the industrial chic of bold metallics to the minimalist elegance of muted pastels, microcement offers a colour option to complement any décor. Let your walls and floors reflect your personality and create a cohesive interior design.

Textural Delights:

  • Beyond the smooth – While microcement can achieve a flawless, polished finish, it also embraces textured variations. Create a rustic atmosphere with a hand-finished, trowelled texture, or add a touch of contemporary flair with a sleek, polished surface.
  • Create the polished concrete aesthetic – Achieved using the innovative Trowel-X finish, we can create the look of polished concrete without the need for an extensive concrete installation process. Enjoy the signature gloss sheen, using microcement.

3. Microcement’s Super-Thin Profile

Imagine transforming your space without the inconvenience of major renovations. One of the advantages of microcement lies in its unbelievable thinness; 3-4 millimetres, to be precise. This means there’s no need for heavy-duty demolition or floor height adjustments. Simply overlay your existing surface – be it tiles, porcelain or concrete – and a brand-new look emerges.

Microcement behaves like a second skin for your floors and walls. This minimal profile avoids adding any structural burden to your building, making it an ideal choice for both newly constructed spaces and renovations. No floor height changes mean doors remain at the perfect level, saving you additional adjustments.

4. Forcrete Microcement’s Uncompromising Resilience

Forget the worry of spills and splashes. Forcrete Microcement, expertly installed by DirectStone, offers unrivalled water resistance and durability, creating stress-free surfaces in your home.

Built-in Resilience:

Unlike many surfaces, Forcrete Microcement offers intrinsic waterproofing as part of its unique formula. This inherent resistance to moisture forms a natural shield, protecting your floors, walls, and counters from water damage. Say goodbye to worries about leaks, spills, or even high-humidity environments – your microcement surface remains pristine and protected for years to come.

Enhanced Defence:

DirectStone takes Forcrete’s exceptional qualities to the next level with their specialised sealants. These carefully chosen formulas further amplify the stain resistance of your microcement surfaces, making them virtually impervious to everyday messes. Cooking splashes, accidental spills, and even pet accidents simply bead up and wipe away, leaving your space looking immaculate and effortless to maintain.

Ideal for Wet Zones:

This double layer of protection makes Forcrete Microcement the perfect choice for even the most moisture-prone areas of your home. Bathrooms, showers, wet rooms, and kitchens all benefit from its unyielding resistance to water and stains. Enjoy the sleek beauty of microcement in every space, knowing it can handle the realities of daily life without compromising on style or practicality.

DirectStone – Your Forcrete Microcement Partner

At DirectStone, we’re more than just polished concrete enthusiasts. We’re passionate about the versatility and performance of microcement, and how it can elevate your living spaces.

Beyond the Sleek Surface

We’re skilled at crafting hand finished Forcrete Microcement surfaces that are both stunning and highly functional. This innovative material delivers more than just beauty; it offers remarkable resilience with its inherent waterproofing and stain resistance, making it ideal for even the busiest areas of your home.

Breathing New Life into Existing Spaces

Our expertise extends beyond new installations. We specialise in revitalising tired or neglected floors. Whether it’s resurfacing worn concrete or transforming outdated tiles, Forcrete Microcement offers a durable and stylish solution that breathes new life into your existing space.

Making Your Journey Effortless

We believe in simplifying the process for you. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation quote for your Forcrete Microcement project. Our friendly team is always happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

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