Beautiful Polished Concrete Floors for 3 Barn Conversions

Beautiful Polished Concrete Floors for 3 Barn Conversions

Who would have thought that the beauty of ancient timber rafters could be enhanced by concrete? The sheer audaciousness of the combination speaks of a designer’s eye, and the outcome is nothing short of spectacular. The DirectStone floor specialists have now created polished concrete floors for 3 barn conversions. Our clients are delighted with the unexpected juxtaposition that’s got the WOW factor.

Creating the Perfect Polished Concrete Floor

At DirectStone we use HTC Superfloor™ polishing and grinding machines to transform concrete slabs into a uniquely textured flooring with a surface sheen to match your aesthetic.

There are four finishes to choose from:

  • Platinum – a polish that produces a high gloss finish that captures and reflects natural light.
  • Gold – a bright, highly polished look which is durable and resilient.
  • Silver a matte finish celebrating the unique aggregate texture beneath the surface paste.
  • Bronze – Using the surface of the concrete to create a hard, durable sheen.

Can Any Concrete Be Polished?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Having a team of experienced specialists means that we’re able to work with most concrete, whatever its condition. In fact the first of our Suffolk Barn Conversions came to us as something of a rescue mission. The concrete slab had been poorly floated risking the completion to deadline for a wedding in the venue. Thankfully, the DirectStone team were able to retrieve the situation, and both the flooring and the bride looked magnificent!

If we can’t achieve the particular finish you’re looking for, we’ll always let you know why. And we’ll offer an alternative. A Bronze finish, for example needs an extremely flat floor to achieve. In every case where we’ve had to shift course due to the state of the concrete, the client has ended up delighted with their polished concrete floor alternative.

Mixing Ancient and Modern

Barn conversions are popular because of the range of textures available for the enjoyment of the eye. From the grain of the oak beams, to the lime of the plaster. Polished concrete adds a complementary texture which reflects the timbers, refracts the light from the lime, and celebrates the complex architecture of the beams.

Barn Conversions

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