Case Study – Concrete Flooring Paint Removal

Case Study – Concrete Flooring Paint Removal

Most of the work we do at DirectStone involves grinding and polishing concrete for residential, commercial, retail and office clients. Occasionally, though, we have to complete remedial work on concrete floors before we are able to start the work of creating a beautiful polished finish.

The DirectStone team was asked to remove non-slip epoxy paint from an 80 metre² area at the entrance of a large distribution unit. It had been applied at 3-4mm and number of years previously and was now both worn and redundant.

Concrete Flooring Paint RemovalRemoving the Flooring Paint

The task of our flooring specialists was to remove the layer of paint without damaging the concrete slab beneath. In order to achieve this, they calculated the correct diamond tooling for use with our HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines.

Once the paint was successfully removed, the concrete was further ground and honed up to a 200g finish. This achieved a seamless blend with the existing power floated slab. The grinding process exposed aggregate and fines in the concrete flooring.

Silica Safe Filtered Extraction

The dust created by the grinding process can contain crystalline silica particles. This silica dust is small enough to be breathed in and can be harmful to health. DirectStone uses HEPA filtered extraction in order to minimise the silica and dust and maintain a safe workplace.

Working With DirectStone

Our client was delighted with the work of the DirectStone flooring team, and with the lack of ‘mess’ created in the process. If you have an existing concrete slab in your home or workplace, that has previously been either painted, carpeted or tiled over, DirectStone can help. We’ll assess the condition of your flooring and offer recommendations on a range of concrete polishing solutions.

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