Case Study – Polished Concrete and Overlay for Russell & Bromley, London

Case Study – Polished Concrete and Overlay for Russell & Bromley, London

The DirectStone team has just completed concrete floors for two Russell & Bromley stores in London. Shoppers will now been able to enjoy the signature glossy elegance of polished concrete whilst browsing luxury shoes and handbags. Our aim is always to make our flooring finishes look look though they’ve always been there. The process isn’t always straighforward, however, as this case study illustrates.

Russell & Bromley, in Covent Garden & King’s Road

The Russell & Bromley brand has been synonymous with fashion design and expert craftsmanship since 1880. It was a delight, therefore, for the DirectStone flooring specialists to bring their particular brand of craftsmanship to the concrete flooring of two centrally located stores.

The first task of the DirectStone team is always to assess the condition of the concrete slab, in order to determine the approach required. In this instance, we discovered that in both stores the concrete substrate was contaminated, making a straightforward polishing process impossible.

Polished Concrete and Overlay for Russell & Bromley, London

Decontaminating the Concrete Substrate

The term ‘contamination’ refers to concrete that has soaked up a contaminant due to its porous quality. It could be grease, oil, chemicals or fats, making it unviable as the base for a concrete polishing process.

One solution to the problem would be to lay a new 10mm concrete slab, but this wasn’t feasible. We repaired and decontaminated the existing substrate, therefore, and screeded it before applying and CTS TRU to the 150² floor. This is an architectural overlay which is used to simulate polished concrete where alternatives have been exhausted

A Polished Finish for the Overlay

The overlay was polished using the same techniques used to finish concrete flooring. Using HTC Superfloor™ machines, diamond pads were applied to polish the flooring to 1500g before sealing with Ameripolish 3DSP-E and SR2. This is a sealer that protects the porous concrete from stains and etching.

Working With DirectStone

Our client was delighted with the solution arrived at by the DirectStone flooring team, and with the end results in both Russell & Bromley stores. If you have an existing concrete slab that you would like assessed for polishing, call us today. Whatever the condition, our flooring experts will be able to repair and refurbish it, or offer alternative solutions to arrive at your desired result.

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