Polished Concrete Floor for Buckinghamshire Barn Conversion

Case Study – Polished Concrete Floor for Buckinghamshire Barn Conversion

The combination of ancient timbers with concrete flooring may sound like an odd mix, but the results are actually stunning. So much so that DirectStone is currently working on their fourth polished concrete floor for a barn conversion in 12 months.

Why does it work so well? The light sheen and natural colouration of the polished concrete complements the weathered texture of the wood superbly. And if you get the polish right, you can achieve beautiful reflections of the beams caught on the surface of the flooring finish.

Polished-Concrete Floor for Buckinghamshire Barn ConversionCreating Polished Flooring for a Converted Barn

Having taken a look at the 260m² flooring area, DirectStone flooring specialists recommended an HTC Bronze Paste finish. This is also known as the ‘cream’ finish and it’s distinguished by the fact that it celebrates the natural texture of the concrete. There is a minimal amount of grinding involved, which means that the top layer, or surface paste, is polished but not removed.

In order to strengthen and extend the life of the floor, a surface hardener (known as a dry-shake) was applied. This is a granular material which is sprinkled over the flooring during the curing process. The dry shake can also add colouration to the flooring finish. In this instance we applied silver grey.

The Finished Effect

The converted Buckinghamshire barn’s polished concrete flooring extends throughout the ground floor living spaces, from the kitchen to the study, bedrooms and bathroom. It serves as a unifying feature for the open plan design of the conversion, and the silver grey colouration combines with natural warmth of the timber to provide a mellow ambiance throughout.

About DirectStone

Whether you’re looking for a floor for a refurbishment project, a new build or a period property, polished concrete flooring is a contemporary and elegant solution. A professionally polished floor lasts for decades and requires only the lightest of touches to keep it looking good as new. Our residential concrete floors look great, feel good to walk on, and are guaranteed to get people talking!

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