Case Study – Polished Concrete Floor for Car Showroom in Bristol

When it comes to car showrooms, polished concrete is the obvious choice of flooring. The strength and durability of the concrete can easily sustain the heavy daily wear and tear involved in displaying a number of cars at any given time. Whilst the glossy sheen of the polished flooring is a perfect complement to the finish of the vehicles on show.

DirectStone has recently completed a polished concrete flooring project for a new car showroom in Bristol. Our floor specialists combined HTC Superfloor™ machines, and the BECOSAN® trowel polish system to create a strong surface paste with a beautiful shiny finish.

HTC Superfloor™ for Floor Preparation

DirectStone uses HTC machines and diamond tools to grind and polish concrete flooring. Grinding back the surface paste reveals the stronger concrete and aggregate lying below the surface, making the floor more durable. We started out by preparing the floor for polishing. This involved an initial grind to flatten the surface area and tidy up the concrete slab.

BECOSAN® Trowel Polish System for Efficient Concrete Polishing

We’re always looking for ways to provide great value for money for clients, so we’re delighted to be providing this cost-effective approach. The BECOSAN® power trowelled system can polish up to 1,000m² per day. The resulting surface is easy-to-maintain, dust-free, and highly abrasion resistant. All good news for a car showroom!

Completing the Polish With HTC Superfloor™

Once the BECOSAN® polish was complete, we perfected the concrete surface effect by polishing right up to the edges of the slab where the power float couldn’t reach. This was achieved using HTC machines, leaving the floor finish looking stunning, and ready for the cars.

Using the two systems in concert, DirectStone was able to offer a fast, cost-effective polish integrating dust-proofing, durability and easy maintenance.

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