Polished Concrete Floor for New Build in Bath

Case Study – Polished Concrete Floor for New Build in Bath

There are plenty of reasons why polished concrete has become such a popular choice in new build homes. First, it’s the sustainable choice; often the concrete is already there so no new flooring materials are introduced. Second, it’s a durable flooring material which will last for the lifetime of the house. Third, it requires only the lightest of maintenance to keep it looking ‘just polished’. Most important, though, is the sheer style that polished concrete brings to a contemporary home.

DirectStone is a specialist provider of polished concrete floors. We were asked to polish an 85m² concrete floor in a new build home in elegant regency town of Bath, in Somerset. The ground floor room we were working in opened out onto the garden area, and featured a wall of sliding glass doors which flooded the space with natural light.

Bronze Finish Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor for New Build in Bath

DirectStone floor specialists use HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines to create a range of polished concrete finishes. The excellent quality of the concrete slab, and the excess of natural light, in this case, created the ideal conditions for an HTC Bronze polish. This option provides a gentle sheen which enhances the natural colouration of the concrete, as well as refracting and intensifying natural light.

The Bronze finish leaves the surface paste intact. HTC diamond grinding machines are used solely to create an intense polished surface. Silver grey colour surface hardener was first applied to improve the toughness of the paste, and provide a lasting foundation for the polish. Then, the concrete was ground to a satin finish.

A satin polish sits somewhere between the intensity of a high gloss sheen, and the much gentler matte effect. It allows for the emergence of slight surface texturing, and picks up the luminosity of the light streaming through the large glass panels.

About DirectStone

We’re a family run business that has built a reputation over the past decade for providing consistently high quality polished concrete flooring. Using HTC Superfloor™ we’re able to offer a range of stunning finishes to clients. We work in a range of locations, from new builds, to older properties requiring refits, and even period refurbishments.  We also offer refurbishment and repairs to neglected or damaged concrete flooring.

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