Stunning Polished Concrete for Open Plan Living Area

Case Study – Stunning Polished Concrete for Open Plan Living Area

Over the past 12 years DirectStone Ltd has created bespoke polished concrete flooring in a range of domestic settings old and new. We’ve captured the beauty of ancient oak beams in the reflective surface of a polished paste finish, and created an elegant external flooring feature for a contemporary, luxury apartment development in Wembley.

Selecting the Perfect Flooring Finish

Our client in Norwich was looking to create a chic and sophisticated open plan living space. They wanted a flooring finish that would provide a stylistic foundation for their kitchen, diner, hallway and living area. Our flooring specialists talked through their plans for the room, and considered a range of colours and finishes. A Light Natural Paste was selected as the perfect enhancement to their décor and furnishings.

Specialist Concrete Floor Polishing

One of the advantages of polished concrete flooring is that in many cases it’s already present in your home. This makes it a sustainable flooring material, which reduces your carbon footprint, because no additional materials are added to create the flooring finish. We use HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines to create a lustrous polished floor, using diamond tools to achieve the finish required.

The Natural Paste finish doesn’t require the surface paste to be ground back in order to reveal the aggregate beneath. Instead the top layer is polished and left in situ. This process creates a strong and durable flooring that celebrates the range of tones and colouration of the original material. Our polishing process is carried out dry, and is coupled to a HEPA vacuum, which minimises the amount of dust pulled into the environment as a by-product.

Polished Concrete is a Beautiful Foundation for Stylish Interiors

Case Study – Stunning Polished Concrete for Open Plan Living Area

Our client’s eclectic interior design works perfectly with the cool lustrous natural sheen of their flooring. The use of natural wood as a contrast to the polished concrete offers a warmth to the living spaces, and the two rugs are used to break up the open plan area into distinct living spaces. The interior features metallic, wood, and leather textures, all of which work beautifully with the polished concrete floor tones.

Working With DirectStone Ltd

We provide polished concrete to residential extensions and new builds, commercial spaces and offices, showrooms and galleries. If you are considering a concrete polished floor in your home, our flooring specialists can talk through the process with you, and help you to achieve your dream interior.

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