Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial Concrete Floors

DirectStone recently completed installation of a polished concrete floor for a car showroom in Bristol. Our client was clear about the reasons why this particular kind of flooring was ideal for the job. First, it’s strong enough take the weight of vehicles and customers combined. Second, it’s going to keep looking good even after its had numerous cars driven across it. Third, it’s low maintenance. And fourth, it feels good for customers to walk on.

A car showroom makes quite stringent demands on its flooring, but – in fact – so does any commercial environment. For over a decade now, our specialist flooring team has worked in shops, offices, hotels, malls, airports and showrooms. In this blog we explore what it is about polished concrete that makes it such a good fit for busy public spaces.

Polished Concrete is Great for Health & Safety

At DirectStone we use HTC Superfloor™ polishing machines and diamond pads to achieve a range of finishes. We’re often asked whether our highly polished floors are slippy, and we can say without doubt that they’re not. Our commercial flooring has a non-slip surface, even when installed outside. And polished concrete won’t cause trips, or stumbles because it’s laid in a continuous slab.

Looking for Low Maintenance Flooring?

Your polished concrete floor needs only the lightest maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Problems occur only if there’s a sustained build up of dust on the surface. This can scratch and dull the polish. A regular routine of sweeping and mopping with a light detergent will remove any build up of grit or dust, and maintain the flooring finish.

A Floor For the Long Haul

There’s a reason why concrete flooring has been chosen by industry for decades now. It’s one of the most durable flooring materials available. At a conservative estimate, polished concrete flooring will last for 20 years. Although flooring specialists who work with concrete will tell you that most concrete floors will outlast the buildings they’re installed in.

Sustainable Materials

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Most concrete flooring utilises existing material – which means that its carbon footprint is zero. That’s very different from the equation should you import tiling, wood or vinyl. And once its installed it needs little in the way of maintenance to keep it looking good-as-new. So concrete is solidly sustainable.

Stylishly Versatile

The rapid growth of demand for commercial concrete floors has led to an explosion of design potential for this adaptable material. The finish ranges from matte, to high gloss and there’s plenty of choice regarding the texture. Many of our clients like the unique patterning of exposed aggregate. For period properties and refurbishments, though, polishing the surface paste without grinding back to reveal the natural colouration produces stunning results.

Working With DirectStone

We’re a family-run business that’s been providing specialist flooring finishes for over a decade now. Our skilled and experienced polished concrete specialists will provide advice, guidance and a free no obligation quote on your concrete floor. We work fast to create your desired commercial flooring using HEPA filtered extraction for a safe and dust-free environment.

We work throughout the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

DirectStone are leading installers of commercial concrete floors. Call today for advice or a free quote on stunning, sustainable and durable polished concrete – 01525 20863920

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