Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete may be enjoying an unprecedented popularity in UK homes currently, but it’s been a favourite with the commercial sector for decades. If you have a large public space with a heavy daily footfall, polished concrete can’t be bettered. Take a look at any airport, shopping centre, company headquarters, or car showroom – you’ll find its characteristic blend of durability and elegance.

5 Key Benefits Polished Concrete Provides for Commercial Settings

Whatever your business is selling, presenting or delivering, there tend to be 5 key requirements that any commercial enterprise will have when it comes to flooring:

  1. Longevity. Flooring needs to look good, and last for decades. Concrete was designed to endure and the polishing process, using HTC Superfloor™, reveals its innate beauty. The patterning is always unique, and concrete will not wear out, or wear away.
  2. Cost Effective. The concrete which forms the basis of this flooring is normally already in situ as part of the fabric of the building. This means that it’s only the polishing process that needs costing into the budget.
  3. Spill Resistant. Concrete is a porous material, but it can be treated in the polishing process, to create a stain-resistant surface. This is excellent news for car showrooms, or shopping centres where varied spills are a daily hazard.
  4. Low Maintenance. The WoW factor that accompanies a high gloss polished concrete floor doesn’t involve daily buffing and cleaning. A regular, simple regime of brushing and mopping will maintain the surface finish, until the sealant needs replacing.
  5. Eco-Friendly. No new material is introduced into the building, if the cement floor is already a component of the build. This means that the carbon footprint for a polished concrete floor is zero as no tiling, carpet, wood etc. has been introduced.

DirectStone is a Concrete Floor Specialist

Our flooring specialists provide commercial clients both a cost-effective approach to the polishing process, and a range of beautiful finishes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sheen, a matte finish, or the stunning high gloss finish, we’ll take a look at your flooring and suggest the best way to go about achieving it.

DirectStone works with HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines and diamond tools. They allow us to grind back the surface paste of the concrete slab, to reveal to subtle and unique patterning beneath. We combine this approach with the BECOSAN® power trowelled system which enables us to polish up to 1,000m² per day.

Case Study – A Car Showroom

If you’re opening a car showroom, you’ll be looking for a surface that can withstand some of the most testing conditions, without compromising on finish. We’ve recently completed a glossy polished concrete flooring finish for a car showroom in Bristol. The sheen of the polish perfectly complemented the cars’ finish, whilst the durability of the flooring will provide lasting value.

Looking for Commercial Polished Concrete Floors?

DirectStone is a family business that has been providing beautiful polished concrete floors for over a decade. We have a team of flooring specialists who will assess, advise and offer guidance on your flooring choices.

Commercial polished concrete floors are the ideal solution for busy public spaces. DirectStone is a concrete floor specialist with over 10 years’ experience – 01525 20863920

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