Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing

Concrete floor grinding doesn’t sound like the most glamorous of jobs; that’s why the DirectStone team tend to use “We work with diamonds’ as our party opener! And of course it’s true. Our HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines use diamond tools to grind back the surface of concrete floors to expose the unique patterning of the aggregate beneath.

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds and concrete; sounds incongruous doesn’t it? Whilst in fact it’s a perfect match. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance; the only way to cut a diamond, therefore, is with another diamond. It’s this hardness that makes them ideal for grinding and polishing the tough exterior concrete presents to the world.

What is Grinding and Polishing?

DirectStone floor specialists transform and industrial material into elegant polished concrete flooring. The way we achieve this is by first grinding back the ‘surface paste’. The paste is made of cement and water which coats the fine sand and aggregates in order to bind them together. Once the desired aggregate exposure is revealed, the concrete is hardened with a densifier and sealed to protect against staining.

When the initial grinding is complete, the polishing phase can begin. We use diamond studded pads to achieve this, applying ever-finer grits until we achieve the required sheen. Our flooring team has the experience to know exactly when to switch from one grit size to the next, simply by observing the condition of the polished surface and the rate of surface removal.

Polished Concrete Floor Finishes

Every polished concrete floor is unique, not only because of the aggregate patterning and colouring, but also because of the finish chosen. There’s a range of options to select from:

  • Bronze Finish. This is the only finish that doesn’t begin with grinding back the surface paste. Instead the top layer of the surface paste is polished to a deep, mirror-like sheen.
  • Silver Finish. We grind deep into the concrete until the ballast is exposed. The surface is then left unpolished for an elegant matte surface finish.
  • Gold Finish. This is a gloss finish which is achieved by grinding back the surface paste and then polishing the surface with the HTC Twister™ to produce a tough, durable finish.
  • Platinum Finish. The high gloss effect which is achieved with platinum, requires the most grinding and polishing stages. The result is an unbeatably durable, shimmering floor.

Maintaining Your Polished Floor

DirectStone clients are always delighted to hear that polished concrete flooring requires only light touch maintenance. It’s important to keep the surface free from dust and grit, as this can create microscopic scratches that dull the sheen over time. For long-lasting shine, simply sweep your concrete flooring regularly, and mop with a light detergent.

About DirectStone

DirectStone is a family-run business located in the heart of the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside at Wrest Park. Our team of flooring specialists has been creating stunning concrete flooring for nearly two decades now. We work with residential and commercial clients throughout the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

If you are interested in polished concrete and have any questions or would like a project priced, call us direct on 01525 20863920. We offer free no obligation quotes, no matter the job size.

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