Concrete Floor Installation Process

What is the Concrete Floor Installation Process?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the concrete floor installation process is the fact that most jobs we do are entirely unique. We may use the same diamond grinding and polishing techniques, but the condition of the floor, the finish required by the client, and the environment in which we’re working are always different.

One of the questions we’re asked regularly is about the process of installing a concrete floor. So, we thought we’d take you through it in a blog. In doing so we’ve tried to take into account the difference between retrofitting polished concrete flooring, polishing a new concrete slab, and laying a polished concrete overlay.

The Basic Polished Concrete Installation Process

There are three stages to any polished concrete floor installation:

Polishing a Newly Laid Concrete Slab

When we are polishing a concrete slab which is newly laid, we need to allow the concrete to ‘cure’ and dry thoroughly before starting work on it. This takes between 3-4 weeks. We can then check the condition of the concrete and start the grinding and polishing process. The polishing process is carried out dry and coupled to a HEPA vacuum which keeps the air virtually dust-free.

Retrofitting Polish Concrete Flooring

If you have a concrete slab in your home that’s been covered by tiles or carpeting, there’s every chance that we can create the finish you want. DirectStone flooring specialists will take a look and advise on what can be achieved. If repairs are needed, we’ll factor these in to the polishing process. HEPA filtered extraction is used throughout the process.

Laying a Polished Concrete Overlay

It’s rare that we’re unable to polish an existing concrete slab but it does happen. Sometimes the concrete is contaminated with oil, or it may be too damaged for repairs to be effective. In this case we would recommend a polished concrete overlay which requires a slightly different installation.

The existing floor is removed, and the slab may need to be re-profiled. Then the overlay is poured and allowed to dry. The polishing process is then exactly the same as for any concrete floor, and we can achieve exactly the finish you want.

Working With DirectStone

Located in Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, DirectStone is a family-run business with over a decade’s experience of the concrete floor installation process. Each polished concrete floor is bespoke, and our specialist team can also restore, and repair neglected, or tired flooring. If you would like a free no obligation quote for a polished concrete floor, simply message us and we’ll respond promptly.

We work with residential clients throughout the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

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