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Flooring trends come and go, but – once in a while – one comes along that will stand the test of time. Concrete has evolved from its original use as an industrial material into an elegant, adaptable and hugely desirable residential and commercial flooring. It can be dyed or stained, and polished to a high gloss, or matte finish. As concrete floor polishers for London, DirectStone has no reason to believe this trend will halt its rapid growth anytime soon.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

As an established provider of polished concrete flooring, we work with concrete every day. Our flooring specialists know the material inside out, and are always happy to extol the benefits attached to their work. There are 5 key advantages to choosing polished concrete for London homes or businesses:

  1. Durability. A polished floor will last for decades, even in environment with heavy usage.
  2. Sustainability. It’s normally the case that concrete is integral to the building, so there’s no new materials introduced to create the flooring.
  3. Hands-Off Maintenance. There’s no need for special products to clean polished concrete. It simply needs to be swept regularly and mopped with a light detergent.
  4. Many Design Options. We offer a choice of aggregate colours and sizes, stains, pigments and polish levels to create unique concrete flooring each time.
  5. Dust-Free Polishing. We use HEPA filtered extraction to ensure that the work space is practically dust-free.

Can All Concrete Floors Be Polished?

Many of our polished concrete floors are new builds but we can also retro-polish existing concrete floors in London. Our concrete flooring specialists will take a look at your floor, so we can recommend which polishing procedure is most suitable. We’ll discuss ways in which your floor can be customised, and determine the level of polish would best suit your home or business environment.

It’s very rare that we are unable to polish existing concrete. In a recent example we were asked to provide concrete flooring for two Russell & Bromley stores in London. The original concrete flooring was contaminated, making it unsuitable for polishing. As a solution, we decontaminated the substrate, laid screed and applied a polished concrete overlay.

Creating Polished Concrete Floors in London

The DirectStone team use HTC Superfloor™ machines and diamond tools to grind and polish concrete flooring. Grinding back the surface paste removes imperfections on the surface, reveals the aggregate beneath, and creates the characteristic smoothness of polished concrete floors. This newly revealed surface is hardened and sealed before our polishers go to work. Using diamond studded pads they create a high gloss, or matte finish for your flooring.

About DirectStone

If you’re considering polished concrete for your home or business in London, we would love to hear from you. As concrete floor polishers in London we’re happy to evaluate your floor, offer guidance and offer a free no obligation quote. Our flooring specialists have created beautiful hand-finished concrete flooring for new builds, external features, commercial spaces and residential settings.

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