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The unique combination of style, elegance and durability which polished concrete offers isn’t new. What is new is its use in home interiors. The glorious mirror-like sheen of a highly polished concrete floor is now the cornerstone of urban chic interior design. Whether you’re looking for a stunning finish for your dining area, or bathroom, polished concrete has the WOW factor.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring in Your Home

It looks great, certainly, but polished concrete delivers a whole lot more than elegant aesthetics:

Durability: A concrete floor will last longer than pretty much any other flooring. At a conservative estimate it will still be looking good a century from now. Which means you’ll never have to replace your concrete flooring!

Sustainability: In the majority of cases, there’s no need the lay a concrete floor as it’s already there. Most homes have concrete foundations. The flooring is created by polishing your existing floor surface.

Low Maintenance: The surface simply has to be kept dust free. That means the use of a damp mop regularly. We always recommend that acidic spillages, such as coffee or wine, are wiped up quickly, but apart from that it looks after itself!

Non-Slip: You don’t have to worry that the shinier the floor, the more likely it is to cause slips and falls. Whatever intensity of polished finish you choose, our concrete floors are treated to prevent trips and slipping.

Where Does a Polished Concrete Floor Work Best?

There are numerous options for polished concrete, indoors and out. Deciding where to utilise it as a design feature is really up to you. As a concrete floor specialist we’ve created matte concrete patios for the garden, highly polished flooring for a barn conversion, and lustrous concrete flooring for bathrooms, kitchens and stairs. The beauty of the material is that it tends to look good wherever you put it.

How Do You Create Polished Concrete?

At DirectStone we use HTC Superfloor™ diamond grinding machines to create beautiful concrete flooring. We start out by grinding back the surface paste (which is the rough unfinished surface). Once this is removed, the stronger concrete and aggregate is revealed. It’s this uniquely patterned surface which is then polished using incrementally finer diamond pads.

Polished Concrete Floor Refurbishment

The concrete floor specialist team at DirectStone spend quite a bit of their time repairing and refurbishing concrete floors that have been poorly polished or finished. This will often require stripping back the surface of the floor to its original state. We then hone and densify the floor to provide the necessary foundation for the polish. Finally, we apply a silicate cure before polishing and finishing with a stain protector.

Resealing Your Polished Concrete Flooring

Part of the process of polishing a concrete floor is adding a sealer to protect the surface. Over time, daily wear and tear reduces the effectiveness of the application and it has to be replaced. Dependent on the footfall, this is something that will normally be required every 2-5 years. The surface will need to be removed and replaced to recreate the original finish. Once the process is complete, your polished concrete floor will look as good as new!

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