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Once the ugly duckling of flooring solutions, concrete has emerged as an elegant interior choice in the 21st century. So what’s changed? The material is still a mix of fine and coarse aggregate bonded with fluid cement. The difference emerges as you grind away the surface roughness of concrete flooring in London to reveal its unique textures, colours and patterning.

Thanks to interior designers who first saw its stunning potential, concrete polished flooring in London is now a trending choice for many of our clients across the capital. We’re currently working in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality environments creating good-looking, low maintenance flooring that will last for decades.

4 Benefits of Concrete Flooring in London?

The signature high-gloss appearance of polished concrete provides a wow factor in itself. However, the look is only one of a number of benefits concrete flooring confers:

1. Concrete is Made to Last

There’s a reason why concrete has been the choice of industry for decades! Your concrete floor will last as long as the building it resides in. As part of the polishing process we apply a densifying sealant. This will wear and need replacing every few years, but apart from that, you can take your flooring off your ‘to do’ list for good.

2. A Variety of Finishes.

Not keen on the high gloss finish? No problem; it’s just one of a huge range of options for concrete polished flooring in London. We create matte and satin finishes, as well as our hugely popular bronze option which enhances the natural colouration of the concrete. DirectStone can also colour your concrete floor to the hue of your choice.

3. Light Touch Maintenance.

Perhaps the most popular benefit for our commercial clients. Once installed, your polished concrete flooring in London requires only regular sweeping and mopping with a light detergent. Keeping the surface dust and grit free will maintain your polish of choice and keep your flooring looking good-as-new.

4. A Healthy, Sustainable Choice.

In many cases, your beautiful concrete flooring in London already exists – you just haven’t realised its potential yet! Many of the concrete floors we polish are existing ones, which makes for a wholly sustainable flooring solution. And polished concrete is a great way to protect children and dust mite sufferers from allergic reactions.

Case Study – Polished Concrete Overlay for Russell & Bromley

The DirectStone team has recently completed two polished concrete floors for Russell & Bromley in London. In both stores the concrete substrate was found to be contaminated. The original concrete was repaired and decontaminated, before laying screed and applying CTS TRU to the flooring. This was then polished and sealed. Despite the poor quality of the concrete, DirectStone was able to achieve a result directly comparable to polished concrete.

DirectStone – The Polished Concrete Specialists

There’s plenty of cut-price versions of concrete polishing, but DirectStone flooring specialists provide the real deal. We’re a family-run business with a solid track record when it comes to high quality concrete floor polishing in London. Every floor is polished using HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines and diamond impregnated polishing pads, and our use of a HEPA vacuum means a dust-free atmosphere throughout the process.

DirectStone Offers Repairs and Renovation, Too

We don’t just install and polish concrete flooring in London, we also repair damaged concrete and refurbish neglected floors. Our flooring specialists will assess the problem and suggest the remedy to restore your flooring to its original glory. DirectStone fills cracks or chipped concrete, replaces worn sealant, removes stains, and polishes old concrete to your chosen finish and colour.

DirectStone provides polished concrete for residential extensions and new builds, commercial spaces and offices, showrooms and galleries. Call us today on 01525 20863920

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