Concrete Flooring Types

DirectStone Offers a Range of Concrete Flooring Types

Talk of a concrete floor two decades ago would have brought to mind the raw, ridged slabs used for industrial flooring. Twenty years on and concrete flooring is a highly sought after finish for kitchens, bathrooms, refurbishments, and patios. The vision of 21st century architects who saw potential in the raw material, has now set a trend for elegantly stylish homes across the UK.

The growing popularity of polished concrete has encouraged a wealth of imaginative applications. At DirectStone, our polished concrete floor specialists are constantly asked about new and innovative ways to use this flexible flooring material. We thought we’d explore a few concrete flooring types here.

External Polished Concrete

Many gardens and exteriors already have concrete slabs installed. Once stained and polished they transform pathways or patios into features that become integral to your garden design. Concrete is perfect for outdoor use because of its strong, durable quality. DirectStone floor specialists polish external concrete using HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines. We then protect the surface by applying a weatherproof sealer.

Salt & Pepper Finish for Kitchens and Dining

Combined kitchen and dining areas call for a practical flooring finish that also provides a stylish foundation for social events. Concrete polished to a ‘gold’ or ‘salt and pepper’ sheen fits the bill for many of our clients. The surface paste of the concrete is ground away to reveal the sands and aggregates below. This unique patterning is then sealed and polished to achieve a high gloss finish.

Polished Concrete in Period Properties

Twenty-first century design celebrates creative juxtaposition. Which is exactly what happens when you combine ancient oak rafters with contemporary polished concrete. DirectStone has installed a number of concrete floors in converted period barns  recently. The high gloss elegance of the polished concrete, reflecting 16th century rafters is a truly stunning style statement.

Luxury Polished Concrete for Bathrooms

This is perhaps where our clients are at their most imaginative. Polished concrete is a luxurious choice for the bathroom – often twinned with underfloor heating. The surface can be stained to provide a colour that complements your chosen décor. The surface can also be enhanced with glass chips  to provide a glittering shimmer when burning candles as accompaniment to a bath.

Low Maintenance Polished Concrete

It’s the look of polished concrete that is attracting so much attention at present, but it also has a supremely practical pedigree. Office, retail and commercial designers have been using this kind of flooring for a while now. For them, the choice is based on an attractive flooring finish which also lasts a lifetime and is easy to maintain.

All the concrete flooring types described here require 3 simple steps to maintain them: 

1.      Regular sweeping to keep dust and grit from accumulating on the surface.

2.      Regular washing with soapy water.

3.      Periodic professional sealant replacement.

DirectStone’s concrete flooring is sealed to protect the surface against staining and spillages. Over 3-5 years, dependent on usage, the sealant starts to wear. It’s a simple job for concrete floor specialists to strip back the old sealant and replace it with a new finish.

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