Concrete Floors in Homes

A Guide to Polished Concrete Floors in the Home

If you’re looking for flooring that makes a big impact, polished concrete is a great choice. Residential polished concrete floors first started to appear around a decade ago, and since then they’ve been growing steadily in popularity. They’re equally stunning indoors or out, as an elegant setting for dining, or a practical choice for the kitchen. In this guide to polished concrete floors in homes, we look at finishes, locations and installation.

What is Polished Concrete?

The concrete we’re talking about really does apply to the industrial material used in construction. A transformation occurs when you grind back the surface paste to reveal the aggregate beneath. Once polished, it produces unique patterns and colours enhanced by a high gloss, or matte finish. It’s flooring that will last for decades, and – in many cases – it’s already in place in your home and simply needs diamond grinding and polishing to look stunning.

The Benefits of Choosing Polished Concrete Floors For Your Home

The shimmering, mirror-like polish that is characteristic of polished concrete flooring is just one of the many benefits you can expect to enjoy.

  • Tried and Tested. Polished concrete has been used in airports and shopping centres for decades because of its durability, simple elegance, and natural light reflecting qualities.
  • Sustainability. In many new build homes, the concrete slab is already in place. Rather than adding tiles, wood or laminate, it can be ground and polished sustainably.
  • Durability. A tiled floor will normally last for around 2 decades. By contrast, regularly maintained interior polished concrete floors last between 30-50 years, at least.
  • Low Maintenance. Polished concrete should be kept dust and grit free. All it needs is regular sweeping and mopping. Acidic spills should be wiped up straight away.
  • Non-Slip. Worried about a highly polished floor being slippy? No need, in fact polished concrete has greater non-slip qualities than than some flooring tiles.

Where Does Polished Concrete Work Well in the Home?

Residential polished concrete floors work particularly well in your kitchen where the low maintenance requirement really comes into its own. The high gloss finish is particularly popular for dining rooms requiring an elegant setting for evenings with friends, or for open plan living/dining room combinations. If you have a hall that houses bikes and boots you’ll find that polished concrete is easy to keep clean and looking pristine.

Polished concrete bathroom floors are easy to maintain, and look stunning, especially with the enhancement of luxurious underfloor heating. It’s also an excellent choice for patios, and can be used to extend your living area through to your garden.

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