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Residential Concrete Floors in London

Trends make an impact; the trend for polished concrete floors in London has made a HUGE impact on the city’s interiors and exteriors over the past two decades. Polished concrete first made its appearance in shops, plazas and offices where its durability and hands-off maintenance made it popular. More recently it has migrated into residential setting where its earthy tones and elegant sheen has transformed many a London interior.

The Benefits of Residential Concrete Floors

In new London homes polished concrete flooring simply utilises the materials to hand. There’s no need to select tiles or lay wooden flooring. In the vast majority of cases, the concrete laid for the foundations can be polished to create a stunning flooring finish which will, most likely, outlast you. For these reasons, polished concrete flooring is considered a highly sustainable material with a low carbon footprint.

Whilst all the concrete floors in London are created using the same material, every single one is unique. There are a number of reasons for the singularity of the floors the DirectStone team create, including:

  • Types of Concrete Finish. Whilst the high gloss finish is the most popular, we also create concrete floors with a matte finish, or a lustrous sheen which reflects natural light.
  • Patterning. Many concrete floors are ground back to reveal unique aggregate patterning which is polished. The surface of the concrete can also be polished to produce rich, natural hues.
  • Coloured Concrete. Concrete can also be coloured by power floating dry shake colour hardeners into a new concrete slab. The palette include a range of subtle, natural hues.

Where to Install Polished Concrete Flooring in Your Home

There’s an ever-growing list of uses for polished concrete floors in London. Here are DirectStone’s 3 most popular locations:

  1. Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors – It’s the ideal flooring material for heavy usage areas like kitchens, or open plan kitchen diners. Polished concrete needs nothing more than sweeping and mopping to keep it clean. And it’s designed to withstand heavy items being dropped on it, or even bikes ridden across it!
  2. Downstairs Bathrooms or Wet Rooms – Leaving aside the look of polished concrete in a bathroom, it does away with the need for grout, which makes it a dream to clean. Underfloor heating adds to the luxuriant feel of a polished concrete bathroom, shower or wet room by providing a cosy, even heat.
  3. Polished Concrete Patios – Our flooring specialists have designed a number of exterior concrete flooring finishes for a pool surround, conservatory, or external dining area. Pairing the sheen of the concrete lustre, with imaginative outdoor lighting produces a stunning outdoor haven for balmy summer evenings.

Is Polished Concrete Suitable for my London Home?

Polished concrete is easily installed in new homes, but the DirectStone team also regularly retrofit concrete flooring in older London homes. There are a number of ways this can be done. The best thing is to let one of our flooring specialists take a look. We’ll find out what you want and let you know how we can achieve it, or a close equivalent, for you.

If you want more info on concrete flooring in London call the DirectStone team today – 01525 20863920 We’ll give you clear guidance on achieving the flooring you want, and provide a FREE, no obligation quote.

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