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4 Different Concrete Floors Polished

One of the reasons the team at DirectStone enjoy the work we do is that every single day presents a new challenge. Polished concrete flooring comes in an infinite array a different shapes, sizes, conditions and environments, and each floor offers its own unique set of challenges to overcome.

At DirectStone we all want to see the very best outcome for our clients, whether we’re polishing concrete for a new-build or a car showroom. And that requires the use of specialist machinery, products, skills and experience. In this blog we look at 4 very different concrete floors polished by the team over the past year.

1. Rescue Job for a Suffolk Wedding

A poorly floated concrete floor was threatening to disrupt wedding plans in a Suffolk barn conversion. Our clients asked us to be trouble-shooters, and create the brilliant gloss finish they’d envisaged for their special day.Time was tight but the DirectStone team don’t hang about. We recommended a Gold finish which produces a highly polished surface, without grinding deep into the concrete.

We honed and densified the flooring, cured the surface, applied the polish and treated the finished gloss with stain protection. Our clients were delighted with the results, which were precisely what they had envisaged from the start.

“Couldn’t fault this great team of craftsmen who managed to completely transform a poorly floated concrete floor in our wedding and events venue into a perfectly honed and sealed floor. The reflection of the ancient oak rafters in the floor is really magical for our guests”

2. A Concrete Overlay Retail Installation

Most existing concrete floors can be polished to perfection, but not all. We occasionally come across flawed or damaged concrete flooring which wouldn’t polish well. Luckily there’s a highly effective ‘Plan B’ for these situations. Concrete overlays are cost-effective alternative that produces high-quality results.

DirectStone were asked by a high profile shoe chain to install a concrete overlay and tiling.  We used Schonox DSP concrete overlay which was installed at 10-15mm depth. Once the flooring dried we utilised HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines to achieve the polished finish which is characteristic with this kind of flooring.

3. A New Build in Bath

Polishing concrete flooring in new builds is one of the more straightforward projects the team gets involved in. There’s no pre-existing floor finish to deal with, the site is clear of furniture, and we can normally expect to find a good quality concrete slab to work with.

In the Bath new build, the preponderance of natural light, and the high quality slab presented the ideal conditions for a Bronze polish. This is only possible where the floor is entirely flat and even. The Bronze finish utilizes the natural texture of the concrete material, enhanced by a brilliant gloss finish.

4. Repair and Restoration for Exeter University

A newly polished concrete floor should be capable of withstanding daily wear and tear for years in normal circumstances. Exeter University noticed problems with their recently polished concrete flooring after just months. DirectStone was called in to diagnose the problem, and provide a fast and cost-effective solution.

We found that a topical curing agent had been applied which was wholly inappropriate to the volume of traffic the floor experienced each day. The solution involved its removal, and then a professional re-polish for the floor. Using HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines we created a ‘salt and pepper’ finish which was treated to provide a good-looking, durable surface.

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