Cracks in Polished Concrete Floors

Do You Get Cracks in Polished Concrete Floors?

“Is my polished concrete floor likely to develop cracks?” It’s a question the DirectStone team get asked once in a while, and we always answer honestly: Polished concrete floors do sometimes develop hairline cracks. This is a natural response to surface tension created by moisture evaporation and temperature fluctuations, which could be caused by underfloor heating or solar gain.

As flooring specialists we understand how and why concrete behaves in this way. We’re also able to take action to mitigate against it. In this blog we explain the techniques we employ to minimise hairline cracks in polished concrete floors.

2 Stabilising Techniques for Concrete Flooring

When laying a concrete slab, the DirectStone team will utilise:

  1. Steel Reinforcement. A steel mesh reinforcement within a concrete slab ensures the stability of the floor. Even if hairline cracks appear on the surface of the concrete, the structural integrity of the slab as a whole is guaranteed.
  2. Control Joints. Also known as concrete expansion joints, or saw joints. They’re designed to allow limited movement which relieves the stress caused by shrinkage. The joints are strategically placed, and are usually 3 to 4mm wide. The depth – usually 25-30% of the slab depth – encourages cracks to occur below rather than on the surface.

The DirectStone Polished Concrete Guarantee

There are some things that we simply can’t control. Despite our best efforts, it’s possible that hairline cracks may still develop as a result of natural atmospheric changes. If this is the case DirectStone guarantees free repairs for the first 12 months post handover.

There’s two ways to go with blemishes in otherwise perfect polished concrete floors. Firstly, they can be invisibly mended using colour matched repair mortars. This is a single component, cosmetic grade repair mortar, which is designed for use with cracks in concrete, and the colour matching is precise.

Alternatively, you can celebrate the cracks, rather than attempting to make them disappear. If this is your approach, we’ll stabilise the cracks but do nothing more. They are a part of the natural process with concrete – and we like to think that they have their own raw beauty because of that.

About DirectStone

We are polished concrete specialists, with over ten years’ experience working with this medium. Hairline cracks are a part of working with concrete and we do everything possible to minimise the impact of any cracking that may occur.

If you love the beauty of polished concrete finishes, and it’s the flooring you’ve set your heart on for your home or workplace, don’t be put off by the possibility of hairline cracking. Our specialist team has the experience and expertise to ensure that you get exactly the finish you want.

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