DirectStone Polished Concrete Feature in Grand Designs Magazine

DirectStone Polished Concrete Feature in Grand Designs Magazine

Nothing beats coming across your brand in a magazine dedicated to high quality home improvement, and renovation ideas. But when it’s Grand Designs it’s a bit of a jaw-dropping moment! This iconic Channel 4 programme has been introducing viewers to beautiful and ground-breaking architectural projects since 1999.

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An Innovative Flooring Finish

Much of the success of Grand Designs is down to the presenter Kevin McCloud who is known for introducing new design trends, or innovative materials to viewers as part of the show. And that’s where DirectStone comes in! The April edition of the offshoot magazine features DirectStone in their article about polished concrete as an innovative flooring finish.

Introducing Good Looking, Durable Polished Concrete

Described as “the flooring material of choice for residential projects” the feature article outlines the benefits of choosing concrete. Of course, it’s durable – which is why it’s been used industrially for decades. What’s more surprising though, is the unique beauty of a concrete floor, once the aggregate has been revealed and polished. As I say in the magazine, “There are various finish options such as polished paste, salt and pepper, and exposed aggregate.”

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Getting the Word Out About Polished Concrete Flooring

At DirectStone we work with polished stone and concrete flooring every day – and it’s easy to forget what a stunning impression it can make in a home. Reading through the Grand Designs article was like seeing your home through visitors’ eyes. When clients get their first view of a newly polished floor you’re aware of the WOW factor it lends to a room – it really is something special.

DirectStone Creates Beautiful Polished Concrete Flooring

The DirectStone team uses HTC Superfloor™ to turn industrial concrete into an elegant flooring finish with a mirror-like lustre. Using HTC machines and diamond tools we grind the floor to reveal the durable aggregate below the surface. This is then polished to the sheen required. The result is a long lasting, elegant floor that brings with it a slew of eco-friendly credentials.

If you’d like to know more about creating polished concrete flooring in your home, call the DirectStone team on 01525 863920 for advice and a free no obligation quote.

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