Honed Travertine floor, Northwood

Restoration of a Honed Travertine Floor in Northwood

Honed Travertine floor, Northwood

Travertine flooring is consistently a popular choice for UK kitchens. The warm, earthy tones of the limestone act as an exceptional tonal complement to wooden worktops, or finishes. And where there’s a natural light source the stone exudes a buttery glow which softens the ambiance of the room.

The unique beauty of travertine stone owes much to its textured surface which forms naturally. It’s also a porous stone. This means that over time dust and dirt will accumulate and dull the sheen. It will also be susceptible to staining, especially if installed in a kitchen environment.

Restoring a Travertine Floor to its Original State

Our client has a filled and honed travertine floor which extends through the kitchen and conservatory. This is achieved through a process of grinding one side of the unfinished stone and filling the natural holes in the stone. The DirectStone restoration team were asked to clean and restore the flooring to its highly polished sheen.

Step 1 – Repairing Settlement Cracks in Travertine Flooring

Our first task was to fill a number of large settlement cracks that had formed in the flooring. These can quickly fill with dust and dirt, creating unsightly blemishes which spoil the overall finish. Our restorers cleaned out the cracks and professionally filled them, leaving the tiles looking as good as new.

Step 2 – Deep Cleaning

Once the tiles were repaired, the floor was mechanically scrubbed in order to remove the natural build up of dust and grime which dulls travertine tiles over time. The next stage was to remove stains caused by spillages, and the original sealer applied when the tiles were originally laid. For this part of the process we used HTC Superfloor™ diamond grinding tools to strip the floor surface back.

Honed Travertine floor, Northwood

Step 3 – Restoring a ‘Good as New’ Finish for Travertine Floors

Once the stones were clean and stain-free, our restorers honed the tiles and applied a new sealant to maintain the finish for the next few years. We used an impregnator for this process, which is designed to offer maximum protection, without distorting the natural ‘look’ of the travertine.

The final stage was to buff the floor using HTC Superfloor™ diamond abrasive pads. Through repeated applications we were able to restore the elegance of a high sheen polish, with the natural beauty of a honeyed glow.

Feedback From Our Client on the Restoration

Feedback matters enormously to us, because it allows us to continually improve the services we offer. In this instance our client was delighted with the professional restoration the DirectStone team provided:

” We were delighted with the cleaning and polishing of our Travertine floors in both the kitchen and conservatory. An excellent and professional service …and truly great results. A most highly recommended company.”

Dr B. , Northwood

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