how to clean terrazzo floors yourself

How to Clean Terrazzo Floors Yourself

There’s a wonderful story about the origins of the terrazzo floor. It all begins 5 centuries ago when Italian workers quarrying marble, take offcuts to mix with concrete in order to create flooring in their homes. Initially the results were pretty rough and ready. As the years went by, however, flooring techniques developed and the beautiful finish we now know as terrazzo was born.

Contemporary terrazzo still contains marble chips, but now they’re combined with epoxy-based binders, or resin, to create the characteristic sheen of this popular contemporary flooring. DirectStone clients love the uniqueness of the natural patterning, the durability of the flooring, and – most important – the easy maintenance required to keep it looking good as new.

A Simple Cleaning Routine for Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are porous which means that a sealant is normally applied at installation. This helps the floor resist stains and spillages. It also means that your regular cleaning routine is about as simple as it gets. Here’s how to clean terrazzo floors yourself.

1. Remove Surface Dust

Over time grit and dust can dull the polished surface of your floor. Your cleaning routine needs to include dust removal, using a dust mop or clean towels. Failure to keep the surface clean leads to the formation of tiny scratches on the surface. These get filled with dust, which is when the lustre starts to dull and fade.

2. Wash the Floor Down

Once the floor is dust free it needs to be wiped down. We always recommend using a soft sponge mop which is damp but not dripping wet. Avoid using any kind of soap or detergent – stick with clear water. Clean the floor using vertical strokes, and refresh the mop regularly. Go over the surface area a number of times, and change the water as many times as you need to.

3. Drying the Floor

Don’t allow the floor to dry naturally as this allows dust to cling to the surface. Dry it with clean towels. Use vigorous strokes to make sure that you don’t end up with streaks. The regularity of your cleaning routine depends upon the kind of usage it receives. Your aim is to keep dust accumulation at a minimum.

how to clean terrazzo floors yourself

Maintaining and Replacing Terrazzo Floor Sealant

Over time the sealant on terrazzo floors wears off. Prompt replacement is important as this is what prevents deep staining in your floor. Is it possible to replace the sealant yourself? Yes, absolutely. At DirectStone, however, we would always recommend a professional application. Why? Because choosing the right sealant, and applying it correctly, is what will give your floor durability and ongoing lustre.

Professional Terrazzo Floor Maintenance and Restoration

The DirectStone maintenance team will leave your terrazzo floor looking as good as the day it was laid. They strip away the sealant, repair cracks and chips, and apply specialist cleaning materials to stains. The floor is then cleaned and the sealant replaced. Finally it’s polished to the sheen you require. Professional terrazzo floor maintenance enhances both the life and look of your floor.

If you have a terrazzo floor that requires cleaning, restoration or repairs, call the experts at DirectStone on 01525 863920 to find out how we can support you.

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