Interior Polished Concrete Floors

5 Reasons to Love Interior Polished Concrete Floors

The elegant versatility of interior polished concrete floors has caught the imagination of UK homeowners. What started out as a trend in the commercial sector has now shifted to dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and studies. DirectStone has been installing residential polished concrete floors for over 20 years; in this blog we look at 5 reasons why they’re so popular in the domestic sphere.

1. Polished Concrete Flooring Generates Light

Once polished the grey and grainy texture of concrete is transformed into a smooth reflective surface. The natural greys and browns are enhanced by the polishing process, and sunlight bounces off the high gloss finish.  Our customers tell us that having interior polished concrete floors has opened up their living spaces, and intensified the natural light available.

2. Creative Designs Transform Your Home

Polished concrete flooring has ushered in a new era in interior design. Interior polished concrete floors work particularly well in open-plan spaces, and the choice of finishes is vast. Many customers opt for the natural concrete hues,  but we can also colour the concrete to match your décor. Want to increase the airiness of your space? We can add coloured glass to the concrete slab, or create a stunning high gloss polish.

3. Bold, Contemporary Interiors and Exteriors

Interior designers love polished concrete flooring because it’s breathtaking when contrasted with wood, steel or natural foliage. DirectStone installs polished concrete patios, concrete kitchen floors, feature floors, or accent walls. Concrete can be polished to a range of different finishes, from matte, through a warm satin glow, to the signature high gloss polish.

4. A Durable, Sustainable Choice

Once your concrete floor is polished it will last a lifetime. Originally an industrial material, concrete is designed to be tough, and to withstand the march of time. For this reason, it’s also an eco-friendly choice for homeowners. The majority of concrete floors the DirectStone team polishes, are already installed. So creating your stunning interior adds no new materials, and has a zero carbon footprint.

5. Light Touch Maintenance

Very few households have time to lavish on floor cleaning and maintenance – which is one of the reasons polished concrete flooring is so popular. It requires regular sweeping, to keep the surface dust-free, followed up with mopping using a light detergent. That’s it! Every 3-5 years the sealant which ensures a stain-free surface will need professionally replacing, but apart from that you flooring will keep looking good with the lightest of touches.

About DirectStone

DirectStone is a family-run business, based at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. Our team of flooring specialists work across the country polishing, refurbishing and repairing concrete for commercial and residential customers. We’re always happy to share our expertise, and to offer guidance on the kinds of polish that would work best with an existing slab. Just ring us and have a chat!

DirectStone provides polished concrete to residential extensions and new builds, commercial spaces and offices, showrooms and galleries. We work throughout the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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