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The muted colours and understated elegance of a limestone floor is hard to resist. This natural stone, comprising coral, shell and algae, offers a warm lustrous finish which is particularly popular for bathrooms and kitchens. What makes limestone so special is the uniqueness of every single tile. And the momentous journey that it takes, spanning thousands of years, to arrive in its current state.

A Range of Limestone Floor Finishes

Limestone is beautifully adaptable, and can be finished to match the aesthetic of your home:

1. Tumbled Limestone For a Vintage Look

If you’re looking for a period aesthetic, tumbled limestone will fit the bill. The tiles have softened, rounded edges, and corners and the finish is lustrous rather than polished. Limestone is identified by its natural porous quality and in this state the tiny holes are left unfilled. This exposes the aged beauty of the stone. It’s ideal for outdoor use, or in period kitchen designs.

2. Polished Limestone for Stunning Warmth

Polished limestone tiles have the pores present in the natural stone filled. The surface is then polished to a high gloss finish. This tends to accentuate the ‘butteriness’ of the natural colouration, which radiates warmth and well-being. Polished limestone tiles are ideal for floors, but they’re also popular as wall tiles.

3. Honed Limestone Offers Easy Maintenance

In many ways honed limestone offers the best of both worlds. The pores are filled which makes maintenance extremely simple. In addition the polishing process is light, giving a bright lustre to the tiles which maintains the natural appearance of the stone. These are less slippy than polished limestone, and easier to keep clean than tumbled tiles.

How to Maintain Your Limestone Floor

As a porous stone, limestone is vulnerable to staining, especially from acidic liquids such as tea and coffee. To prevent this, limestone floors are sealed when laid. This means that your regular cleaning regime is simple. You need only a soapy detergent and a damp mop to keep flooring looking as good as new.

Maintaining Your Limestone Floor With Professional Cleaning

After a while the sealant which protects your limestone floor will begin to wear away. It’s important to renew the sealant every few years in order to keep your floor looking a beautiful as the day it was laid. This requires professional limestone cleaning in London, as the old sealant has to be stripped back, and the new sealant applied. The floor is then polished using diamond grinding tools.

DirectStone Provides High Quality Limestone Cleaning in London

DirectStone professionals work with clients across the commercial and domestic sectors in London to maintain their limestone floors. First we assess the condition of the floor to determine the nature of the cleaning materials we’ll use. To lift stains and dirt we apply specialist poultices. We will also fill extended pores if necessary, and repair chips and cracks. Finally we use HTC Superfloor™ machines and diamond grinding tools to restore the floor to its original polish.

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