Liquid Screed Project Leytonstone

DirectStone Repairs a Poorly Finished Liquid Screed Floor in Leytonstone

The DirectStone team of floor specialists know just how stunning a polished liquid screed floor can look. So it always saddens us to come across poor workmanship that has left a client with an unattractive finish, residual laitance and a lack of sheen. These problems arise when contractors don’t have the expertise, or the HTC Superfloor™ grinding and polishing machines required to do the job properly.

Assessing the Damage

Our client in Leytonstone asked if there was anything DirectStone could do to improve the finish on a liquid screed polished floor, approximately 250m2 that had recently been polished. Our specialist restorer examined the floor carefully and found that the previous contractor hadn’t finished it correctly. The screed surface hadn’t been ground down far enough, leaving a finish that was extremely poor.

Liquid Screed Floor Restoration

Having diagnosed the problem, our restorer went to work. First he used HTC Superfloor™ machines and diamond tools to grind down 2-3mm from the surface. He removed the topical sealer (coating) and laitance. Removal of this thin, flaky layer of weak hydrated cement is crucial to successful polishing. Finally we reached the harder, more durable level of the screed slab.

Great Feedback From Our Client

Right from the start, our client was relieved that his liquid screed floor could be restored to eradicate the poor workmanship of the original. He observed each of the stages, and was absolutely delighted when we presented the finished product.

“Simon did a great job remediating our screed floor removing resin and laitance, he also invisibly repaired a circular saw gouge. Lovely chap, did a great job and the kit he uses is fantastic for minimising dust. Highly recommended.” M.Woodhouse Leytonstone

A Successful Screed Floor Polish

Once the hard screed level had been reached, the restorer honed it to remove the tooling marks left by the grinding process. A densifier was applied to enhance the surface structure. The abrasion resistance of the floor was increased with the aim of making the surface less susceptible to scuffing, scratching and dusting.

The floor was left to dry and then it was honed to 400g. Finally the floor was sealed using a combination of Ameripolish 3DSP and SR2. Together these form a powerful penetrating stain repellant which has been designed to protect polished screed from water-based stains, oil and acidic etching agents.

A Flawlessly Finished Polished Liquid Screed Floor

The final result was a flawless surface, finished to a lustrous sheen. The restoration process ensured that the damage caused by the previous contractor was eradicated and replaced with a thorough, crafted process. Cleaning and maintenance of the floor is light touch, requiring only general mopping or cleaning with a scrubber drier utilising an HTC Twister polishing pad.

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