Marble flooring Restoration

DirectStone Provides Specialist Marble Flooring Restoration

Current trends in interior design favour the harnessing of natural energy as part of the domestic, corporate or commercial environment. Marble flooring offers a unique beauty that draws a line from Greek and Roman architecture, through the sculpture of Michelangelo, right up to the present day. The cool, understated elegance of a polished marble surface is a perfect statement of 21st century urban style.

The particular allure of marble is down to the way in which light penetrates the stone’s structure. It’s a calcite which gives it a low index of refraction. This means that light is able to penetrate deeply into the stone, providing luminosity as it does so. Consequently, marble appears to be a light source in it’s own right, making it a light and life-giving presence in any room.

Marble Floors are Easy to Keep Clean

One of the attractions of installing a polished marble floor is both its durability and the fact that it’s so easy to keep clean. Marble flooring should last for the lifetime of your building, and it needs only soapy water to keep it looking great. To retrieve the polish all that’s needed is a buffing with a microfibre cloth.

Professional Marble Maintenance

Marble is a porous material which means that it’s particularly susceptible to staining. It’s also likely, over time, to get covered in tiny scratches as a result of daily wear and tear. These become magnets for dust and grime which dulls the polish. Professional maintenance will clean the top surface from the flooring, expose the unmarked stone beneath, and re-polish to achieve a good-as-new finish.

Specialist Marble Flooring Restoration

The DirectStone specialist restoration team are often called out to assess old, or neglected marble floors. These are characterised by a dull appearance, where the marble has lost all its natural translucence. There may be cracks or chips in the marble, and these will have accumulated dust and dirt. There’s also often etching marks across the surface, where acidic cleaners have literally eaten away at the surface of the stone.

Step 1 – Clean the Marble

The stone needs to be thoroughly cleaned first. The DirectStone team will mechanically scrub the floor to remove grout and ingrained dirt.

Step 2 – Repair Cracks and Chips

Once the damage has been cleaned, our stonemasons will replace the grout, or fill the cracks where possible. Where the cracks are substantial we’ll replace the tile with a matched alternative.

Step 3 – Grinding and Polishing

We use high quality HTC Superfloor™ grinding and polishing machines, fitted with diamond abrasive pads, to remove the top layer of the flooring and reveal the unmarked marble beneath.

Step 4 – Application of Sealer and Polish

Specialist sealers are applied to the flooring to enhance durability and resistance to staining. Then the polish is applied, using progressively fine diamond pads.

Transformational Restoration Managed by Experts

The reveal of a transformed marble floor is always an impressive moment, however often we see it happen. From ‘dead’ material, the stone comes back to life, and clients are always amazed to see the floor looking as good as new.

If you have an old, or neglected marble floor that you’d like to bring back to life, call our specialist marble restorers today on 01525 863920.

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