Microcement Bathroom

Microcement is Ideal For Bathroom Floors and Walls

Looking for an alternative to bathroom tiling? Contemporary bathroom trends favour a sleek design that’s reliably waterproof but free from grouting that can become unsightly over time. A microcement bathroom offers a different approach. It’s versatile, completely waterproof, and offers the same stunning finish as polished concrete.

What is Microcement?

Also known as micro topping, or micro cement, it uses innovative hybrid epoxy resin technology to provide a stunning result that is also long-lasting and practical in a range of environments. It can be applied directly over existing flooring tiles, for example, which makes it an excellent choice for refurbishment. DirectStone also recommends microcement as an alternative where a polished concrete application is unviable.

A Great Range of Colours and Textures

The versatility of a microcement coating means that it can be finished to complement the unique style and ambiance of your home. If you want the contemporary minimalist elegance of polished concrete, our flooring specialist can achieve it for you. Alternatively, we can create a more organic, textured finish for your bathroom.

Not being able to marry up the finish you want for your bathroom or wet room, with the colour you have in mind for it is frustrating. A microcement bathroom solves the problem. Microcement is available in all standard colours, but – if you have a particular shade in mind – we can colour match any RAL shade, at no extra cost.

Installing a Microcement Bathroom

Microcement is hand trowelled to create a seamless surface. We are able to achieve a range of finishes such as float, medium, smooth and a beautiful 2 tone effect. DirectStone recommends professional installation to ensure a durable, high-quality outcome. The installation comprises 4 steps:

  • Surface Preparation. The application of microcement requires that floors or walls cleaned meticulously, ensuring that no dust, grit, or contaminant gets into the cement.
  • Sub Base. DirectStone specialists use HTC multi-head diamond grinding systems to create flat and keyed surfaces required to install the microcement system. We use a HEPA filter extraction system to keep the environment dust-free.
  • Microcement Application. The microcement is trowelled at a thickness of just 3mm, making it ideal for renovations, home improvements. This step requires professional skills and experience to achieve the professional finish that this application has to potential to achieve.
  • Sealer Application. The sealer is applied in order to enhance stain and dirt resistance.

About DirectStone

DirectStone is a long-established family-run business with a reputation for creating beautiful flooring and walls for kitchens, bathrooms, and residential living spaces – indoors and out. We install microcement bathrooms in new builds, renovated properties, period housing and as part of home improvement projects.

Our flooring specialists work across the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

Are you considering a microcement bathroom? Why not call DirectStone today and talk to one of our microcement installers? – 01525 20863920

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