What is Microcement?

What is Microcement?

Microcement offers the same stunning finish as polished concrete flooring and can be applied on a range of different surfaces. Using innovative hybrid epoxy resin technology DirectStone’s microcement flooring and walls are available in all standard colours, and we’re able to colour match any RAL shade, at no extra cost.

Continuous microcement cladding has the strength and durability of cement and is waterproof on application. This epoxy-based product is made in the UK and can be applied to walls or floors as part of a residential refurbishment, or as a coating for large commercial surface areas such as restaurants, offices, educational centres, or retail settings.


Uses of Microcement

DirectStone is an approved installer of the Forcrete microcement system. What makes this application unique is the beauty of the finish and its integral waterproofing which resides at every layer. Sealers are applied in order to enhance stain prevention and dirt retention.

DirectStone recommends the application of microcement where:

  • There isn’t sufficient depth for a new concrete slab.
  • A specific colour is required.
  • A refurbishment removes an old covering that needs to be replaced.
Microcement Installation

Microcement Installation

Microcement is hand trowelled, and the DirectStone team can achieve a range of finishes using it, such as float finish, medium, smooth and 2 tone.

We use HTC multi-head diamond grinding systems to the create flat and keyed surfaces required to install the microcement system onto. At a thickness of just 3mm, it is ideal for rapid renovations and residential transformations.



DirectStone is a polished flooring contractor providing expert technicians and flooring specialists. We create the flooring finish you want, using the most appropriate system for your home or business.

Microcement flooring and walls require only soap and water to keep them looking good as new. We recommend regular sweeping to keep the surface dust-free and mopping to remove dirt and stains quickly. Where sealers are applied, they will need to be replaced every 3-5 years.

If you would like to find out more about microcement for floors or wall, get in touch with us today on 01525 863920. We are always happy to provide a no obligation quote.

“Thank you so much for your help.
The floor is still looking beautiful, we’ve had so many compliments about it.”

“Couldn’t fault this great team of craftsmen who managed to completely transform a poorly power floated concrete floor in our wedding and events venue into a beautifully honed and sealed floor. The reflection of the ancient oak rafters in the floor is truly magical for our guests”

“The overlays looks fantastic and the clients are delighted with the process and the results you have achieved, thank you.”

“Thanks for all your help, the internal and external limestone looks fantastic”

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“The floor dried out very well indeed. I wish you had been involved
earlier. We appreciate very much the ease with which we have been able to obtain the quotation, arrange for the work to be done, and the way that you carried out the work. Excellent!”

“The floor looks better now than it did when we first had it installed”

“Thank you so much for re-polishing the marble floor damaged by the grout remover”

“The travertine and marble floors have polished beautifully and we are very impressed with your service and results”

“The terracotta kitchen floor still looks great after 6 months use, Thank You”

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