Microcement Flooring London

Microcement is a Popular Design Choice

The minimalist urban/industrial aesthetic has led the way in flooring trends for the 21st century, and this clean, contemporary look is now easier to achieve than ever before. DirectStone is delighted to be installing the microcement flooring London clients have been waiting for. It offers the same stunning finish as polished concrete flooring, is completely waterproof, and comes in virtually any colour you might want.

What is Microcement Flooring?

Microcement flooring looks like polished concrete but is hand-trowelled with a depth of just 3mm. Using a hybrid epoxy resin technology, microcement flooring comes in satin, matte or gloss finishes and has integral waterproofing which resides at every layer. Our flooring specialists also apply sealers to enhance stain prevention and minimise dirt retention.

So, why would you choose microcement flooring rather than polished concrete? We would recommend its use to London clients where:

  • There isn’t sufficient depth to install a concrete slab.
  • You want a specific colour to fulfil your interior design.
  • Refurbishment requires requires a clean, fresh flooring finish.
  • New flooring is needed and the deadline is tight.

A Massive Range of Colour Options

There are many reasons to choose microcement flooring, but the range of colours it comes in makes it hugely popular. Whether you want to make a splash with your flooring, or you’re looking for more muted hues, we are confident that you’ll find the colour you’re looking for.

DirectStone’s microcement flooring is available in all standard colours, and we can colour match any RAL shade for you, at no extra cost.

5 Advantages of Microcement Flooring

We install microcement in residential and commercial settings across London, and we have no hesitation in recommending it as an ideal option for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways or living spaces. It can even be used outdoors.

Here are 5 of the top advantages to choosing it:

  • Seamless Flooring. Microcement offers a flawless vista of colour, free from the seams or joints you get when using tiles or wood.
  • A Durable Option. The technology used to create microcement makes it durable. It’s resistant to scratches, knocks and sun bleaching.
  • Great for Underfloor Heating. Microcement is supremely suited for use with underfloor heating because it provides great thermal conductivity.
  • Easy to Maintain. There’s no special cleaning regime required for your microcement flooring. Simply sweep and clean with a mild detergent for perfect results.
  • Waterproof. Microcement is entirely waterproof which makes it an ideal alternative to tiling for your bathroom, and a low maintenance option for your kitchen or patio.

DirectStone Installation of Microcement Flooring in London

Unlike polished concrete flooring, microcement is hand trowelled. DirectStone is an approved installer of the Forcrete microcement system, which means we can achieve two-tone finishes, a float finish, medium or smooth.

Microcement can be applied on virtually any surface, including existing tiles or wooden floors. First, we create flat and keyed surfaces using multi-head diamond grinding machines, and then we add the flooring at a thickness of 2.5-3mm.

About DirectStone

We are a family-run business with a reputation, built over two decades, for creating beautiful polished concrete flooring for London commercial and residential buildings – indoors and out. Now, we also install microcement flooring in London new builds, renovated properties, period housing or as part of home improvement projects.

Are you considering a microcement flooring? Why not call DirectStone today and talk to one of our microcement installers? – 01525 20863920

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