Microcement in Bathroom Design

From Dull to Dazzling: Microcement’s Impact on Bathroom Renovations

Microcement bathrooms have swiftly gained popularity as the ultimate choice for achieving a striking aesthetic without the need for bulky concrete pours. Beyond the purely visual appeal of microcement in bathroom design, though, it also complements underfloor heating systems, offering both elegance and sustainable warmth.

Why the Surge in Popularity for Microcement Bathrooms?

Microcement coatings offer a range of benefits, driving interior designers, architects, and homeowners to increasingly favour them for bathroom projects. The use of microcement in bathroom design promises exceptional durability, resistance to moisture, and ease of application. If you’re thinking of extending, or renovating your bathroom, read on for design ideas that will lend your space a strikingly contemporary elegance.

Why Choose Microcement for Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to design for. They tend to be compact, and humidity is often a problem. Additionally, bathroom surfaces come in for daily wear and tear, so they need to be durable. Microcement can help with each of these 3 challenges:

Optimising Bathroom Space With Microcement

When it comes to bathroom renovations, the goal is often to maximise the space available. Microcement creates a seamless surface, which works wonders for creating an illusion of openness. This effect becomes even more pronounced when paired with walls and floors painted in lighter shades.

White, a colour renowned for its space-expanding properties, is particularly well-suited for enhancing the perceived size of a bathroom with microcement flooring and walls

Combatting Moisture – Microcement’s Resilience in Bathrooms

A major benefit of opting for microcement in bathroom design is its exceptional resistance to the ever-present humidity in this environment. Forcrete microcement offers a unique integral waterproofing which resides at every layer.

Bathrooms require the choice of suitable materials to deal with the high levels of moisture created daily. Microcement, with its waterproof properties, emerges as a reliable solution to address this persistent issue.

Microcement Bathrooms’ Remarkable Versatility

A defining feature of microcement is its exceptional versatility. It can be applied directly over existing flooring tiles, for example, which makes it an excellent choice for refurbishment. This makes it an excellent alternative where a polished concrete application is unviable.

This versatility extends far beyond conventional usage on floors and walls. Microcement in bathroom design can also be used for showers, shower trays, basins, and baths. The possibilities for creative application are virtually limitless in crafting a cohesive and stylish bathroom space.

Three Design Ideas For Your Microcement Bathroom

Deciding on the style and aesthetic for your bathroom can be tricky. When you’re working with an inspiring material like microcement, however, the ideas start to flow naturally.

Embrace the Industrial Trend

1. Embrace the Industrial Trend

The industrial style draws inspiration from the urban charm of old factory spaces, garages, and industrial structures. It embraces the exposure of typically concealed elements, including pipes, plumbing, beams, and electrical ducts.

Key elements of the industrial style include weathered wood, exposed brickwork, industrial-style lighting fixtures, and, notably, concrete, or its more versatile counterpart, microcement.

2. Achieving Minimalist Elegance with Microcement in Your Bathroom

Minimalism in bathroom design is a timeless approach that focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. Microcement emerges as an ideal material with which to bring this aesthetic to life. Its seam free application on walls, floors, and various bathroom surfaces creates a sleek and uncluttered spatial style.

Opt for a monochromatic palette with microcement in soft, neutral hues like whites, greys, or muted tones. Pair it with minimalist fixtures, unadorned mirrors, and simple, streamlined storage solutions to achieve the overall effect.

Achieving Minimalist Elegance with Microcement in Your Bathroom

3. Celebrating Organic Materials with Microcement in Your Bathroom

If you’re wanting to infuse your bathroom with the warmth and authenticity of organic materials, microcement is a great starting point. The coating can be skilfully hand applied to create the texture of natural stone or mimic the earthy warmth of terracotta, allowing you to bring the outdoors in.

To complete this organic aesthetic, consider complementing microcement with wooden accents, bamboo accessories, or live plants, bringing a harmonious blend of the contemporary and the organic into your bathroom space.

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