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How Do I Choose Between Microcement and Polished Concrete?

New products bring exciting new opportunities for clients, but it’s not always easy to keep up the particular advantages they offer. In this article the DirectStone flooring specialists shine a spotlight on microcement vs polished concrete. We take a look at the relative merits and consider the circumstances under which you might choose one, rather than the other.

Why Choose Microcement?

Microcement is a relatively new product, which provides the polished concrete ‘look’, without requiring a concrete slab to achieve it. There are a number of reasons why commercial and residential clients are excited about the potential this hybrid epoxy resin technology offers:

  • Microcement has multiple applications. It can be used on floors and walls in homes and commercial settings.
  • There’s a vast range of colour matches available, at no extra cost.
  • The ‘polished concrete flooring’ effect can be achieved rapidly.
  • Microcement is applied at 2-3mm in depth which less than the requirement for a polished concrete floor.
  • Where there is a need to retrofit flooring, microcement is an ideal solution, so long as the substrate is stable.
  • The Forcrete microcement system used by DirectStone offers waterproofing which is integrated into every layer.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Flooring?

The majority of work we do with polished concrete flooring involves either using an existing concrete slab, floating a stab for a new build, or renovating a neglected concrete floor. In each of these cases polished concrete offers an opportunity for the sustainable use of existing, highly durable material.

  • Where polished concrete is ground back to expose the aggregates, it celebrates a unique, organic patterning.
  • Concrete is an extremely durable material. Once polished, your flooring will last for decades.
  • The range of colours used in conjunction with polished concrete are continually expanding. Many clients enjoy the natural stone hues of the concrete.
  • Diamond grinding achieves a shimmering glass-like shine which reflects and enhances the natural light in your home.
  • Where a concrete slab already exists, even if it has been covered with tiles or carpet, we are often able to transform it into a stunning and sustainable flooring feature.

Is it a Case of Microcement vs Polished Concrete?

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to each of these flooring materials and both of them are capable of creating beautiful, low maintenance flooring for your home or business.

There are, however, occasions where either microcement or polished concrete would prove preferable, due to environmental conditions:

The seamless polished concrete finish is a perfect look for wet rooms, or bathrooms, but it can be problematic installing concrete slabs on upper floors. In this instance, a microcement bathroom is the ideal solution; it’s reliably waterproof, there’s no grouting in sight, and the thin application makes it a versatile choice for walls and floor.

This is an occasion when a site visit is critical before any decision can be made. It could be that the original concrete slab has been polished at some point, but now requires resealing and bringing back to life again. We would be unlikely to recommend microcement in an environment which makes such intense and sustained demands on the flooring finish.

The DirectStone floor specialists have numerous examples of concrete slabs proving impossible to polish due to previous use. It could be that oil has soaked into the concrete, making it unusable, or that heavy machinery has created deep cracks. Microcement is an obvious alternative, as it can be laid over the original material, and will create the required flooring finish.

About DirectStone

We are a well-established family-run business with a reputation for creating beautiful polished concrete flooring in both commercial and residential buildings – indoors and out. Now, we have enhanced our offering to include microcement flooring installation in new builds, renovated properties, and period housing, or as part of home improvement projects.

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