Outdoor Polished Concrete Floors

Outdoor Polished Concrete for Winter Gardens

The UK used to go into indoor retreat as the winter chills started to bite, but we’re beginning to change. Social distancing forced us outside even when the sun wasn’t shining and, you know what, we survived! We discovered outdoor heaters and started to wonder whether it was necessary to make the garden a ‘no go’ zone between October and April.

We’re seeing the transformation of the humble patio into an outdoor living space, designed for spring, summer and autumn dining, chilling and chatting. And once the Brits get an idea into their heads – particularly when it’s to do with gardens – it isn’t long before the creative juices start flowing. At DirectStone we’re seeing outdoor polished concrete floors being used as the basis for stunning outside garden rooms.

Why Choose Outdoor Polished Concrete?

Any materials used outdoors need to be durable, weatherproof and – preferably – low maintenance. Polished concrete flooring ticks all these boxes. Plus, it looks stunning and retains its good looks for years. Whatever you want to create in your garden, exterior concrete flooring is an excellent foundation and – no – it isn’t slippery when wet.

3 Ideas for Your Garden Extension

Wondering where to start? It’s always a good idea to follow in the steps of pioneers, so here are 3 inspirational examples, whatever the size of your garden.

1. Dissolve the Boundaries

Polished concrete flooring can be used indoors or out, and the techniques of grinding and polishing for both are identical. So why not create a blurred boundary between indoors and outdoors by extending your stunning kitchen or dining flooring through into the garden? It’s the organic version of a polished concrete patio, and a natural extension to your living space.

2. Light the Fire

As the days get darker it’s natural that we want to make fires and create our own light to make up for the lack of sun. A fire pit is a creative way to achieve this. Use outdoor polished concrete as your foundation, set the fire pit in the centre, and arrange a circular sofa or comfy seating around it.

3. Indulge Your Love Of Throws and Blankets

Take your cue from the Scandinavian countries; they use outdoor space throughout the year thanks to their love of thick woollen blankets, faux fur and cushions. Decorate your polished concrete patio with garden lights, and outdoor candles. Then turn up the heat and snuggle in to watch the stars with your favourite hot drinks.

Working With DirectStone

Using outdoor polished concrete to extend your living space adds a new dimension to your home and increases the value of your property. The flooring specialists at DirectStone are happy to work with you on a design that fulfils the potential your garden offers and enhances your outdoor experience. We can offer guidance, advice and a free no obligation quote.

If you would like to talk to us about outdoor polished concrete floors call our friendly team on 01525 863920/07814 734600.

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