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5 Outdoor Polished Concrete Spaces

So, you’ve cleared the clutter and created an open-plan living space – but you’re still hungry for space. Perhaps it’s time to open up your home to the outdoors? If you have a garden that’s under-used at present, there’s plenty of scope to extend. In this blog the DirectStone team look at 5 ways to used outdoor polished concrete as a basis for extended summer living.

Can You Have Polished Concrete Outside?

We receive a number of queries about whether polished concrete is safe outside. The fear is that, when wet, it will become extremely slippy. We can allay your fears on this one. It’s important to choose the right finish for outdoor areas. We recommend ‘grind and seal’ which provides the signature high gloss finish, or ‘honed concrete’ which is available only in a matte finish.

5 Outdoor Polished Concrete Spaces

Whether you’re looking to extend the inside, outside, or you want to create an outdoor idyll for warm summer nights, polished concrete is the ideal material for the job.

1. Seamless Transition From Indoors to Outdoors

Many DirectStone customers use polished concrete flooring to unite discrete living spaces such as kitchen and dining areas. So why not extend your concrete flooring beyond the indoor boundaries to embrace the outdoors? A light, high gloss finish certainly produces the WoW factor. Imagine opening up your patio doors and instantly doubling the size of your room.

2. Polished Concrete Patio

There’s no need to think of straight lines when considering patio features – unless that’s your preference. DirectStone floor specialists can create a patio that’s any shape you please. Our polished concrete with glass creates a sparkling surface that seems to shimmer in sunlight. Or you may prefer a dramatically coloured concrete, or one that looks like tiles but is distinctly hands-off maintenance.

3. Polished Concrete Features

Whilst an expanse of beautifully polished concrete is stunning; it can also look great when used as a contrasting texture. DirectStone has created a number of pavement, or driveway features where polished concrete is inlaid as a series of geometrical shapes, or as a runway. This particular use of outdoor polished concrete accentuates the subtle hues and patterning that is its signature.

4. Stepping Stones, or Islands

Put polished concrete alongside any natural material and it comes to life. This is true indoors, and doubly so outdoors. Dropping polished concrete stepping stones into a large lawn, or creating islands amongst shrubbery for reading, or chilling enhances the natural beauty of your garden. These are particularly stunning features when lit with coloured lights at night.

5. Polished Concrete Walls and Benches

Flexibility isn’t a characteristic one associates with concrete, and yet it can be put to use in so many different ways. The DirectStone team have created a number of low, beautifully finished walls to surround clients’ fire-pits or barbecue areas. These define the space clearly, and provide simple, informal seating for guests on summer nights.

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