Polished Concrete Bathroom Floor

Is a Polished Concrete Bathroom Floor Right For You?

The range of colours, textures and finishes available for polished concrete flooring makes it a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and open plan living spaces. The polished concrete bathroom floor, however, is the one that generates the most queries from our clients. The DirectStone team thought it would be helpful to share the 5 most popular of these for readers wondering whether to opt for concrete bathroom flooring.

1. How Long Does a Concrete Polished Floor Last?

Water won’t damage a polished concrete bathroom floor. This is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular choice. There’s no need to worry about mopping up puddles on the floor, or wet footprints, your concrete floor will remain looking good, however much water you throw at it. For this reason, concrete flooring will last at least 20 years, and most probably a lifetime, if maintained properly.

2. How Much Maintenance Does Polished Concrete Require?

Very little, you’ll be pleased to hear. Day-to-day concrete flooring cleaning requires nothing more than regular sweeping and mopping with a mild household cleaner. Every few years the sealant which helps to prevent your cement flooring from staining will begin to show wear. When this happens (usually every 3-5 years) the old sealant needs to be ground back, and a new sealant applied.

3. Can I have Polished Concrete in an Upstairs Bathroom?

DirectStone don’t recommend it. The weight of a concrete floor makes it impractical, and therefore a prohibitively expensive process. Our flooring specialists focus on providing interior polished concrete floors for wet rooms, shower rooms or bathrooms that are on the ground floor.

4. Does Polished Concrete Have to be Grey?

The initial trend for ‘industrial-style polished concrete’ gave the impression that grey was the only colour concrete came in. This has never been true, but now the range of colour options is greater than ever. At DirectStone we offer a choice of concrete flooring colours, pigments and stains that mean your polished concrete floor can easily be integrated with the colour scheme of your bathroom.

5. Is Polished Concrete Slippery When Wet?

Tempted by the high-gloss finish which gives polished concrete its WOW factor? Many of our clients are, but they worry the shiny surface is slippery, especially when wet. We can offer reassurance on this point. Highly polished concrete actually offers good foot traction, making it less of a slip risk than other flooring choices, such as marble. For total peace-of-mind, we can also add an additional layer of slip resistance in the sealant we apply.

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