Polished Concrete Floor London

Wanting a Beautiful Polished Concrete Floor in London?

Remember when a concrete floor was something you find in factories and warehouses? Now polished concrete is one of the most sought after London flooring trends for public spaces, offices, and the home. Polishing techniques have transformed this durable material from a utility option to the ‘must have’, high impact flooring finish.

What is a Polished Concrete Floor?

It’s a dense concrete mix of sand cement and water which is then ground down by a concrete floor specialist. Specialist diamond grinding tools remove the surface of the flooring in order to expose the aggregate beneath. This uniquely textured surface is then polished using progressively finer grinding tools until the required shine is achieved.

What are the Benefits?

DirectStone’s London flooring specialists have installed stylish polished concrete floors in banks, shopping centres, refurbished period homes and high end retail outlets. Unlike tiles, wood or carpeting, polished concrete will last up to 100 years. It’s the most sustainable current flooring solution, and it’s extremely low maintenance. All that’s required is regular brushing and wiping to keep it looking good as new.

Where Can It Be Installed?

  • Commercial Floors. Its durable qualities makes it ideal for areas that experience heavy footfall over prolonged periods. Even in the busiest locations the high gloss polish will remain with regular professional maintenance.
  • Domestic Floors. Often the creation of an elegant polished concrete floor is all about making the most of what already exists. It’s ideal for a kitchen area as it can withstand most things your family can throw at it, and dropped pots won’t even make a dent!
  • Bathroom Floors. A polished concrete floor offers a seamless surface which is easy to keep clean, and – even when highly polished – provides an element on non-slip protection. Concrete flooring works well with underfloor heating, and using a permeable concrete allows your bathroom to breathe.
  • Exterior Flooring. Concrete flooring looks just as good outside as it does inside. It creates a stunning patio, or colonnade floor. Additional sealers can be applied to enhance the non-slip attributes of the material. The exposure to a range of weather conditions will require regular professional maintenance to keep the polish looking as good as new.

Maintaining and Restoring Polished Concrete Floors

As well as installing polished concrete floors in London, the DirectStone flooring specialists are also in demand for maintenance and restoration.


Over time the polished surface of your concrete floor will accumulate numerous fine scratches from as a result of constant footfall. These scratches collect dust and this has the effect of dulling the original polish. This can easily be remediated by regular maintenance. Our polished concrete specialists will use HTC Superfloor™ to remove the scratched surface, and reveal the durable aggregate beneath. This is then polished to restore the original brilliance.


We have worked on a number of neglected, or poorly floated concrete floor in London. Dependent on the damage, these require more intensive remedial work to bring them back to life. The Directstone concrete floor specialists have the skills and experience to use specialist tools, deep cleaning and sealing to achieve a beautiful polish on the most poorly maintained flooring.

If you are thinking of installing a concrete polished floor in London, or you have a floor that requires repair or restoration, call the DirectStone experts today.

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