Polished Concrete Flooring Kitchen

The Trend for Polished Concrete Flooring in the Kitchen

Back in the 1970s and 80s – believe it or not – wall-to-wall carpeting in the kitchen was quite the thing! Since then the direction of travel has been towards more practical flooring solutions such as stone, tiles or laminates. We find it hard to believe that it wasn’t until the early 21st century that polished concrete flooring in the kitchen became popular. Unlike many other trends, the DirectStone team believe this one will endure.

Polished concrete flooring has a natural beauty that’s hard to beat. It’s minimalist, stylish and elegant, and it will literally last a lifetime. Householders weary of ripping up tiles to install the ‘latest trend’ appreciate concrete kitchen floors for their understated style and longevity. Commercial kitchen managers looking for low maintenance, high quality kitchen flooring have embraced it as the solution they’ve been waiting for. All-in-all it’s got the thumbs-up from clients across the UK.

Types of Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors

Given the popularity of the polished concrete kitchen, there’s now a huge range of choice for clients. It can be coloured to match your kitchen décor, or polished to achieve a high gloss finish. DirectStone flooring specialists will take a look at your residential or commercial kitchen and offer specialist guidance on what’s possible.

  • Existing Concrete Slab. One of the great things about a polished concrete kitchen floor is that it helps the planet as well as looking stylish. Many clients are able to polish an existing concrete slab, so nothing new is added. If you’ve had tiles or carpeting over the concrete there may be residual marks which can be integrated into the patterning of the finish.
  • Freshly Laid Slab. Concrete kitchen floors are particularly popular for new-build homes. The DirectStone team regularly create stunning flooring for new kitchens using the concrete which is laid as their foundation. We achieve a range of finishes from matte, through to a shimmering lustre, and the WOW factor high gloss.
  • Concrete Overlays. If your existing concrete slab is flawed, or contaminated with oil, fats or grease, a polished overlay is a cost-effective, good-looking alternative. The process of laying a polished concrete floor overlay is different from polishing concrete, but the outcome is no less impressive – in fact it’s hard to tell the difference.

Heating and Maintaining Concrete Kitchen Floors

Perhaps the only advantage carpet has over polished concrete is the warmth it provides underfoot. Concrete isn’t a material known for its cosiness, but there is a solution. Many of our clients install underfloor heating to add warmth to the many other benefits concrete flooring offers. You’ll discover that your concrete kitchen floor is very light touch when it comes to maintenance. It needs regular sweeping, mopping and every few years they will need to be re-sealed.  And that’s it!

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