Polished Concrete Floors in Homes

Why Install Polished Concrete Flooring in Homes?

Experience the epitome of modern luxury with polished concrete flooring in your home. In recent years, polished concrete has emerged as an elegant and durable solution for the hallmark of opulence in luxury home construction. What sets it apart is the vast array of stunning finishes it offers. In this article we review each of the finishes to help with these crucial decisions in achieving the perfect polished concrete floors in homes.

DirectStone has more than a decade’s experience of installing polished concrete floors in homes, each one bespoke to its unique environment. Our specialist flooring team hand finish each floor to ensure quality, uniqueness, and a perfect finish. If you’re seeking elegance and innovation in your home’s flooring, you can rely on our skills and experience to guide your decision-making process.

How Polished Concrete Floors Are Created

The creation of polished concrete flooring is a specialised process that transforms a simple concrete slab into elegant bespoke flooring. This journey begins with a series of grinding steps, each using progressively finer diamond grinding tools. The initial stages use HTC Superfloor™ diamond grinding machines to eliminate imperfections and achieve a flat, uniform surface.

It’s during this phase that the inherent beauty of stone aggregate within the concrete can be exposed, adding unique character to your floor.

Once the initial grinding is complete, we polish the floor to achieve its unique shimmering glow. Gentler diamond tools are employed, each step refining the reflectivity of the concrete surface. The number of polishing steps is dictated by your specific preference for a glossy, or matte finish, ensuring your polished concrete floor meets your precise vision for your home.

The Main Types of Polished Concrete Finish

The quality of finish in polished concrete floors in homes depends on the amount of concrete paste removed from the surface of the initial concrete slab.

1. Bronze Polished Concrete Flooring

A bronze polished concrete floor showcases the inherent beauty of a new concrete pour. In this process, we bypass the initial grinding phase, preserving the surface just as it was poured. As a result, the floor retains its natural variations, creating an organic, variegated, or even marble-like aesthetic.

This option is popular for new builds due to its speed of installation and cost-effectiveness. Typically, the hues that are enhanced during the polishing process are organic browns and greys. Bronze polished concrete is perfect for achieving high-gloss finishes, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your home. However, it’s important to note that it requires a high-quality pour without imperfections.

Bronze Polished Concrete Flooring

2. Silver Polished Concrete Flooring

The silver polished concrete process offers a floor that strikes a perfect balance between refinement and understated elegance. It begins with a deep grind, followed by the sequential use of progressively smaller diamond disks to expose the aggregates beneath. This unique technique allows for an immensely durable matte finish that exudes a modern aesthetic.

While the process grinds deep into the concrete, it stops short of the polishing process, instead leaving the aggregate exposed. The result is a stunning floor with a sophisticated matte surface, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a subdued yet exquisite flooring solution.

3. Gold Polished Concrete Flooring

The gold finish, also often referred to as the salt and pepper finish, offers a touch of sophistication and durability that’s highly sought after in both residential and commercial settings. In this process, the concrete surface is delicately ground, revealing the subtle beauty of the smallest aggregates within the concrete mix.

While it’s frequently chosen for new residential construction, the versatility of gold polished concrete shines in renovations where bronze polished concrete finish isn’t an option. This finish is extremely durable, thanks to the densifiers that are applied during the process to strengthen the surface. The result is a timeless, enduring, and exquisite floor finish that exudes elegance.

4. Platinum Polished Concrete Flooring

The platinum concrete finish epitomises luxury and sophistication, making it a popular choice for high-end residential projects. This technique involves extensive grinding, consistently revealing the largest aggregate in the concrete mix, resulting in a striking terrazzo-like appearance.

There are multiple advantages to this finish: its glossy finish is stunning, it offers unparalleled durability, and provides flexibility to accommodate high-gloss polishing. The platinum, or exposed aggregate polished concrete finish, remains a top choice for those seeking the pinnacle of elegance and longevity in their flooring solution.

Bronze Polished Concrete Flooring

Case Study – Stunning Polished Concrete for Open Plan Living Area.

Find out more about the process of creating polished concrete floors for homes. In this case study by DirectStone, you’ll gain insights into how we can transform living space by creating a beautiful bronze flooring foundation.

Explore the step-by-step procedure, from concrete preparation to the final polishing, as we unveil the artistry behind creating a luxurious and durable flooring solution. Visit the case study here: Link to Case Study.

Working With DirectStone

DirectStone is a family-run team that’s committed to enhancing your living spaces with the timeless beauty of polished concrete floors. Whether it’s your home or a commercial setting, we specialise in creating bespoke, hand-finished concrete floors that stand as a testament to quality craftsmanship.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We understand that floors may lose their lustre over time, which is why our experts are here to breathe new life into neglected or tired flooring, restoring their former glory.

We believe in making your journey with us as easy and straightforward as possible. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation quote for your polished concrete floor project. Simply contact us, and we’ll be sure to respond promptly, ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

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