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Polished Concrete Floors in London – 2 Case Studies

Trends tend to start in London, and then fan out across the rest of the country. Whether it’s architecture, fashion or interior design, the textures, colours and shapes are seen first in the capital’s homes and urban landscape. This has certainly been the case with polished concrete floors in London. A couple of decades ago, the majority of DirectStone polished concrete flooring was for London clients. Now our work stretches right across the UK.

In this blog we take a look at 2 polished concrete case studies completed in London. Of the many examples we could have chosen, the DirectStone team felt that these exemplified kind of work we carry out indoors and outdoors across the capital.

The Retail Sector – Polished Concrete for Russell & Bromley in London

Polished Concrete and Overlay for Russell Bromley LondonRussell & Bromley has been a major trend-setter in its time. Since 1880 it has built a reputation for High Street fashion which remains to this day. The DirectStone team was contracted to create glossy polished concrete flooring for 2 of their London stores.

There was an existing concrete slab in each of the two locations and our task was to examine its condition, make any repairs necessary, and polish to a high gloss finish. Both floors were found to be ‘contaminated’, making them unsuitable for polishing.

DirectStone solved the problem by decontaminating the concrete, and screeding it. Then we applied a CTS TRU overlay. Once this was in place we were able to polish the flooring using HTC Superfloor™ machines. The glossy finish was sealed using Ameripolish 3DSP-E and SR2.

The Commercial Sector – External Polished Concrete in Wembley

External Polished Concrete in WembleyThe sheer elegance of polished concrete is particularly evident when used to create external landscapes. DirectStone was contracted to create a decorative silver grey paste finish for a luxury apartment development in Wembley.

The colouration was achieved by adding a precision grey stain to the concrete. It was then polished without being ground back to reveal the aggregate beneath the surface. The minimalist elegance and simplicity of the landscaping is set off by the use of the wooden seating and features.

The Residential Sector – Polished Concrete Flooring in London Homes

The beautiful shimmer created by natural light glancing on polished concrete provides a wow factor for any kind of living area. DirectStone creates a range of polished concrete floors for kitchens, dining rooms and open plan spaces extending into the garden. Much of the work we carry out in the capital involves the restoration, or repair of concrete floors that have become dulled over time.

Working With DirectStone

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