Polished Concrete Garage Floor

Why Install a Polished Concrete Garage Floor?

More and more people in the UK are transforming their garage spaces. Over the decades many of us have neglected this area of the home, considering it a utilitarian space. Now, however, with hobbies and crafting becoming ever more popular, the garage is transforming into a multi-functional family space. Walls are being painted, new lighting installed, and polished concrete is the top choice for garage floors.

What is a Polished Concrete Garage Floor?

Most garage floors are concrete slabs, installed originally because of the durability and strength of the material. Unpolished concrete has a slightly rough surface and is often a sandy or grey uniform colour. Once polished the concrete surface is transformed. The surface paste is either ground back to reveal the unique patterning of the aggregate beneath. Or it’s polished to reveal the depth of hue in the original colouration. The finish ranges from matte, through satin, to gloss.

Can All Concrete Floors be Polished?

There’s no simple answer to this question. The DirectStone team assess each slab on its merits and make recommendations based on that. In most cases even badly stained concrete can be polished to a beautiful finish. If, however, your slab was poorly laid originally, we will recommend the finishes that would be appropriate. Where we can’t polish the existing slab, we can always install a concrete overlay as a solution.

Residential Polished Concrete Garage Floor

Polished concrete turns your garage into a space that can be used for a variety of activities. It’s a non-slip, easy-clean surface that’s ideal for indoor games, DIY, painting or storage. One of its many advantages is that maintenance couldn’t be simpler. The surface needs to be kept dust-free with regular sweeping, but besides that it requires only a gentle mopping to keep your garage floor looking good-as-new.

Commercial Polished Concrete Garage Floor

The advantages of polished concrete are magnified when it’s installed in the commercial sphere. A well laid concrete slab is without grout lines, or joints so there’s nowhere for dust, oil or grease to become trapped over time. Maintaining your garage floor involves no de-greasers, or stain removers as polished concrete flooring is treated with a sealant to make it resistant to staining. It simply requires regular sweeping and mopping with a p-H neutral detergent.

Working With DirectStone

For over a decade now DirectStone has been providing high quality polished concrete flooring to clients. Our team of flooring specialists work regularly in homes, retail, period refurbishments, car showrooms and commercial garages. We use HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines and diamond impregnated pads to achieve a range of beautiful finishes. The integration of HEPA filtered extraction minimises the amount of dust that enters the atmosphere during the process.

DirectStone works throughout the UK mainly in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

If you are interested in a polished concrete garage floor and have any questions or would like a project priced please call us on 01525 20863920 or email us for a prompt response.

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