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DirectStone Completes a Beautiful Polished Concrete Floor in Cambridge

More and more businesses are selecting polished concrete for their flooring finish. For atriums, or any customer-facing environment, the glorious sheen of a professionally polished floor is second-to-none. Concrete floors are very much a 21st century design trend. This is partly because they look great, but also for the environmental benefits they bring, and their ease of maintenance.

A Professional Polished Concrete Floor

At DirectStone Ltd, we use HTC Superfloor™ machines to create our superb concrete polish. The grinding machines use diamond tools to remove the surface paste of the concrete slabs, which exposes the stronger concrete material underneath. It is this more durable material that is polished for the final finish.

HTC Superfloor™ Platinum Finish

Our client in Cambridge opted for the 175m² HTC Platinum (full aggregate exposure) polished concrete finish. This is always our recommended option as it enhances the natural characteristics of the concrete, creating a unique patterning. The platinum finish incorporates the maximum of grinding processes and creates an unbeatably durable floor.

The DirectStone team employed 4 phases in the creation of the polished concrete floor:

Grinding – The concrete skin is ground to expose aggregate beneath the surface. This normally requires 2-3mm of the top layer to be ground away.

Refining – This is the process of creating a flat, high-quality surface in preparation for polishing.

Impregnation – The floor surface is impregnated with Ameripolish densifier, and HTC Cure™. This seals the surface and enhances stain resistance is in preparation for floor polishing.

Polishing – Diamond tools and sase resin polishing pads are used to create a smooth, high gloss finish. The final polish is resistant to scuffs, tyre marks and dirt, and it’s easy to keep looking good as new.

Great Customer Service From DirectStone Ltd

What drives every one of us at DirectStone is the creation of beautiful polished floors that delight our customers. That means employing all our skills consistently, but it also requires a professional attitude, a flexible approach, and a proactive response to challenges.

It’s important to us to receive good customer feedback, and we’re always proud to report on positive responses to our work. Jonathon in Cambridge emailed us to say:

“The polished concrete floor looks amazing. The concrete has an amazing shine and the workmanship has been excellent: thank you for all your hard work.”

A Polished Concrete Floor With a WOW Factor

A beautiful concrete floor is made by the application of skills, experience, and context. In this instance, the DirectStone team were extremely pleased with the aggregate detail they were able to expose at the grinding stage, and the depth of colour and texture created as a result of repeated polishing processes.

The context for the floor could hardly be more ideal. The large glass windows are an optimum natural light source. The polished concrete has reflective qualities which bounce the light back, creating a beautiful translucency in the environment. Add to that the glorious reflections of trees caught in the high gloss finish, and you have a unique floor which combines the beauty of the natural world with 21st century technology.

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