Polished Concrete in Northampton

Remedial Work on a Polished Concrete Floor in Northampton

Polished concrete flooring has become something of a superstar in design circles over the past few years. Concrete flooring has always been valued for its strength and durability, but it’s mostly been used in industrial settings. The polished finish has transformed the material from utility to aesthetic choice, and now it’s hugely popular for commercial and residential settings.

Repairing Poorly Laid Concrete Flooring

Our client in Northampton was unhappy with an existing 82m² concrete floor that had been laid. When the DirectStone team examined the flooring it was clear that the installation was of a poor standard. The finish wasn’t smooth, or flat. The differentiation between high and low spots across the floor was quite marked and it was clear that extensive repair work was need to bring it up to scratch.

DirectStone Reparation Work

Step One

Our first task was to grind back the concrete floor surface in order to achieve smooth and level flooring. Using HTC Superfloor™ Gold/Platinum. We began by removing the concrete skin and grinding the floor back down to aggregate. Because of the existing surface variations this was an extensive process.

Step Two

Once our Northampton Flooring team were happy that the concrete flooring was entirely level, we started on the honing process. This involves the use of finer diamond abrasive pads to grind the concrete, ensuring that the surface is smooth before polishing. At this stage surface is treated with silicate, HTC Cure.

Step Three

The glossy Gold concept polish was completed and the floor was cleaned using a combi-scrubbing machine and Twister™ Green and Twister™ Floor Conditioner, mixed in water.

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A Professional Finish from DirectStone

The DirectStone team were delighted with the transformation that had managed to achieve with our client’s floor. There were no remaining signs of the initial surface undulations, and the polish was enhanced by the natural light streaming through the wall of windows. The client was pleased with the finish, and hugely relieved that the team had been able to rescue the original from disaster.

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