Polished Concrete Kitchen


A polished concrete kitchen floor makes any domestic interior distinctive. It adds cool elegance to a dining area, shimmering ambiance to a bathroom, and a contemporary urban chic to living spaces. In our experience as flooring specialists though, polished concrete is particularly effective in the kitchen

The sheen of the concrete flooring finish tends to amplify the natural light of a kitchen space, creating the sense of clean, energised space. Whilst the unique texture and patterning of the flooring material can be augmented by matching worktops, and kitchen accessories.


A professionally installed concrete kitchen floor can transform your kitchen and provide the WOW factor you’ve been looking for. It’s not just about the aesthetics, however – although they are pretty stunning. Polished concrete confers a range of benefits which are ideally suited to a kitchen space:

  1. Tough and Durable. Flooring doesn’t come much tougher than concrete and, once installed, it will last a lifetime – literally.
  2. Sustainable Materials. Many DirectStone clients already have a concrete floor in place which means nothing has to be added to create your beautiful flooring.
  3. Stain Resistant. We treat your polished concrete kitchen flooring with a high-performance sealant which helps to reduce the potential for staining.
  4. A Range of Finishes. You can choose the type of finish you want for your concrete flooring. We use diamond pads to achieve anything from matte, through to high gloss.
  5. Hands-Off Maintenance. It’s important to keep your polished concrete dust and grit free with regular sweeping. Apart from that it simply needs mopping using a normal floor cleaner.


Polished concrete confers a style and ambiance which is absolutely unique, and there are plenty of advantages to choosing a polished concrete kitchen floor. There are, however, some some things to think about when installing concrete:

  • Concrete Can Be Cold Underfoot. You may want to think about combining your polished flooring installation with underfloor heating. Concrete works particularly well with UFH because it has a high thermal mass. This means that it’s quick to distribute heat from the source pipes and will store that heat to ensure a luxury underfoot experience.
  • Concrete is Hard. Many types of flooring have some ‘give’ in them. Concrete, like stone flooring, is extremely hard. Glasses or crockery will most likely break if dropped onto it, and it can become uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. Many of our clients use mats in their kitchen as a solution.
  • Professional Maintenance is Required. Polished concrete kitchen flooring is treated with a specialist sealant on installation. This strengthens the surface area and reduces the potential for staining. After a while the sealant will begin to wear. It will need to be professionally replaced every 2-5 years dependent on usage.


If you are planning to use an existing concrete floor in your kitchen, DirectStone flooring specialists will take a look at its condition before making any promises about what we can achieve. We’ll talk through a range of options with clients, and if we can’t create the exact finish you want, we’ll explain why, and offer an alternative. If your concrete floor isn’t suitable for polishing, we can always use polished overlays which provide exactly effect.

At DirectStone we use high quality HTC Superfloor™ grinding machines to remove the surface paste and reveal the aggregate patterning beneath. Then we’ll use diamond pads to arrive at the type of finish you require. Once done, you’ll have a kitchen that looks and feels entirely transformed.

Our grinding machines are fitted with HEPA filtered extraction to keep your home environment free from dust.

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