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Are our Polished Concrete Services in London Right For You?

Polished concrete is one of the most talked about flooring products at the moment. Many of our clients like the look of the product and contact us wanting to know more. They tell us they love the WOW factor that comes with a polished concrete floor, but they want to know: ‘Is it right for me?’

If you’re looking for a new aesthetic for your home, or workplace, but you’re not sure if polished concrete is the solution, read on. Having talked this through with a number of London clients, we’ve found 7 considerations that often help them to make their decision.

1. Polished Concrete is Durable

A polished concrete floor will probably outlive you. The material was designed for industrial use, so it can take just about anything you can throw at it. Concrete is also unyielding. So if you’re making the leap from carpet, or wood flooring, you’ll definitely notice the difference. And if you drop anything on a concrete floor, it’s likely to break.

2. Concrete Flooring is Good for the Planet

The concrete which forms the foundation of your flooring is normally already part of the fabric of your home or workplace. As no new materials are being added, you’re saving energy and significantly improving your property’s carbon footprint.

3. Every Concrete Floor is Unique

This is one of the major selling points for our clients. Dependent on the finish you choose, the colour and patterning will be unique to your flooring. It’s not possible to guarantee that colouring or patterning will be consistent across the floor as a whole. This is due to stone, or natural colouring variation.

4. Easy Maintenance

Once your polished concrete flooring is installed, there’s very little you need to do to keep it looking good. The main concern is a build up of dust or grit which can scratch the surface and dull the finish. All that’s needed to avoid this is regular sweeping, and mopping with soapy water. We recommend that every 2-5 years the sealant is replaced

5. A Choice of Finishes

Your polished concrete in London can be finished to match the aesthetic of its surrounding. We provide a range of options:

  • HTC Superfloor™ Platinum – this is the glossiest of our finishes. If you’re looking for a highly polished, highly durable concrete floor this is ideal.
  •  HTC Superfloor™ Gold – this elegantly polished floor shows off the aggregate patterning beneath the paste, and offers a tough resilient surface.
  •  HTC Superfloor™ Silver – ideal if you’re looking for a matte finish for your floor. The aggregate is revealed but not polished, lending a warm lustre to the room.
  •  HTC Superfloor™ Bronze – the only flooring finish which doesn’t involve grinding down the paste. Instead the surface is polished to a high gloss, celebrating the natural colouration.

6. Not All Concrete Can Be Polished

The DirectStone flooring specialists will always inspect the concrete slab you want polishing, before committing to the application of a specific finish. The concrete has to be dense, and made up of aggregate, cement and water to be suitable for polishing. We’ll be honest if your concrete isn’t suitable, or requires a particular finish due to its composition.

7. Customised Finishes

Polished concrete in London doesn’t have to be defined by the natural colouration and aggregate patterning. If you’re looking for a specific hue, or you want an enhanced translucence, we can customise the finish. Dry shakes can be power floated into the concrete as it’s installed to determine the colour, or glass can be introduced into the mix to add lustre and sheen.

DirectStone is a Concrete Floor Specialist

We’re a family business with a passion for perfection. That’s why the DirectStone team is made up of flooring specialists with extensive experience installing beautiful concrete polished floors. We’ve provided concrete polishing in London for domestic, commercial and industrial clients, and our work now graces refurbished properties, heritage sites, office atriums, public buildings and showrooms.

Looking for polished concrete in London? DirectStone has a wealth of specialist experience and a great reputation. Call the flooring specialists today on 01525 20863920

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