Polished Concrete Outside

Beautiful Finishes for Polished Concrete Outside

As the UK experiences warmer summers, there’s a growing trend for flooring finishes can blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Many of our clients are now favouring open plan designs for the ground floor of their home, with polished concrete flooring that extends from the kitchen right through to the patio, or the conservatory. The elegance of polished concrete outside is perfect for garden dining areas, or leafy sun rooms.

What Finishes are Available for Polished Concrete Outside?

There are two polished concrete finishes which are suitable for use outdoors:

  • Grind and Seal. This is a finish which is popular for indoor and outdoor use because of the glossy polished sheen (satin, high gloss or matte) which enhances the textured patterning of the concrete, and naturally reflects light.
  •  Honed Concrete. Honed concrete provides the same textured finish as grind and seal concrete flooring, but it is only available as a matte finish.

What is the Difference Between the Two Finishes?

The difference between honed concrete and grind and seal comes down to the sealant which is used to protect the surface. For grind and seal, a topical coating is used. This attaches to the concrete surface, rather like paint adheres to a wall. The honed concrete sealer, by contrast, penetrates the surface of the concrete.

Concrete is a porous material, which means that it’s susceptible to staining. Sealants are applied, therefore, to create a stain resistant surface for the concrete flooring. The advantage of a penetrative sealant is that it can’t be scuffed, or worn down over time. The topical sealant, however, provides a range of attractive finishes and, when the sealant begins to wear, it can be simply renewed by concrete floor specialists.

Choosing a Finish for Polished Concrete Outside

In the end your choice of exterior polished concrete will come down to the style of your home and your personal taste. Both the grind and seal finish, and the honed concrete are easy to clean and maintain. They require only sweeping and mopping to maintain them. Should you choose a high gloss finish for outdoor areas, we can add a non-slip grit to the topical coating in order to minimise the risk of slips if the surface is wet.

DirectStone Create Beautiful External Concrete Finishes

The elegant beauty of interior polished concrete has been a revelation over the past couple of decades. Now we’re discovering its potential outdoors. DirectStone polished concrete specialists were recently asked to create an external polished concrete feature for an apartment development in Wembley, London. The concrete was polished without being ground back, providing a strong surface paste with a glossy finish. The simple,  stylish feature transforms the external space into an elegant and attractive area to enjoy.

About DirectStone

DirectStone is a family-run business with a passion for polished concrete flooring. For the past 12 years we’ve created beautiful bespoke flooring for commercial properties, domestic interiors and even thatched barn refurbishments!

If you’re thinking about whether to install a polished concrete outside, call our flooring specialists on 01525 20863920 or contact us via our website.

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