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DirectStone Provides Polished Concrete in Oxford Region

Most readers of this blog will have grown up thinking of concrete as the ugly ridged flooring in the garage, or on the drive. In just a couple of decades the image of this much maligned material has transformed. Polished concrete flooring is now delighting interior designers and architects who praise it for its edge and elegance.

So, what happened?

Concrete, once polished, reveals a unique patterning beneath the surface. It rather like peeling the rough bark from a tree and discovering the extraordinary texture below. The aggregates which are added to the concrete mix before installation, create a mosaic like surface which can then be coloured to suit the surrounding décor. A beautifully polished concrete floor lends elegance and stature to your garden, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

The Range of Benefits Polished Concrete Flooring Offers to Oxford Clients

Easy Clean: A concrete floor is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. At DirectStone we warn clients that spillages need to be wiped up quickly, as it’s a porous surface. Beyond that, the important thing is to keep it dust free as grit scratches the polish. So regular sweeping and wiping with a mild soapy mixture is all it needs.

Durable: Concrete was made to last; that’s why it’s so popular with the construction industry! Once your floor is finished, therefore, it’s unlikely to need changing for the lifetime of the building. The sealant which is applied in the polishing process will need replacing every few years, but apart from that, you can tick flooring off your list for good.

Sustainable and Healthy: Your concrete floor most probably exists already as part of your foundation. It simply requires professional polishing to reveal its beauty. So nothing is added, consumed or wasted. And if you have children who are allergic to dust mites, this is the healthiest kind of flooring you can provide for them.

Choice of Finish: The gloss of a highly polished concrete floor certainly has the WOW factor, but it’s not for everyone. Our Oxford clients can choose between a matte finish, a lustrous satin finish, and the full gloss. All our floors are treated to ensure that they minimise the risk of slipping – so even if the floor looks slippy, it actually isn’t.

Polished Concrete Expertise from DirectStone

When a flooring choice starts to trend, there’s no end of ‘experts’ out there who are willing to take your money. DirectStone staff are flooring experts with a track record. We’re a family-run business which has been polishing concrete and stone floors for over a decade. We use HTC Superfloor™ polishing machines and diamond grinding tools to create beautiful finishes. All our floors look good, of course, but they’re also professionally treated to keep them looking good for longer.

DirectStone Offer Polished Concrete Repairs and Renovation

A lot of the work we do in Oxford is around repairing poorly laid concrete floors, or renovating neglected polished concrete.  If your floor is in need of some tlc, our stonemasons will diagnose problems and suggest a schedule of remediation. We’ll repair and fill cracks or chips, strip and replace poor or worn sealing, remove stains, and re-polish the surface to the finish you require.

If you are looking for expert polishing or repairs for polish concrete in Oxford, get in touch with the experts at DirectStone.

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