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DirectStone Installs Polished Concrete Patios

The elegance of polished concrete looks stunning in just about any area of the home. For a number of our clients, however, it’s the ideal finish for a patio. DirectStone has designed a number of concrete flooring finishes for external dining areas, or for a pool surround. Once paired with imaginative outdoor lighting, the unique patterning of the concrete, and the glorious sheen of its polished surface, provides a second-to-none WoW factor for your home.

Polished Concrete Flooring for Outdoors

Whilst polished concrete flooring is flexible enough to be used either internally, or externally, there are different factors to be considered. Our floor specialists tend to work with different techniques when creating polished concrete patios, in order to ensure a non-slip surface. To achieve this we’ll use either a honed, or a grind and seal concrete finish.

Honed Polished Concrete for Patios

DirectStone uses HTC Superfloor™ to achieve the superior sheen that comes with polished concrete. The HTC machine is used to first ground down the cement. This process will either expose the aggregate below, or leave the surface largely in place. The floor is then ‘honed’ using diamond impregnated pads to achieve a matte polish.

Once the polish is complete, the final part of the process involves the application of a penetrating sealer. This is important because concrete is a porous material, and is therefore susceptible to staining. A sealer both protects the polished surface of the concrete, and resists staining. One of the great advantages of a honed polished concrete floor – apart from the look – is that it’s extremely light maintenance.

Grind and Seal Outdoor Polished Concrete Floor

If clients are looking for a high gloss finish for their polished floor, we would recommend the ‘grind and seal’ approach. This allows for the full range of finishes, without having to worry about the floor becoming slippery when wet. The process begins with the grinding of the concrete surface, as with the honed approach, but that’s where the two techniques diverge.

Instead of using diamond pads to achieve the required finish, a topical sealer is applied to the exposed concrete surface. For a non-slip surface, a fine grit is integrated into the sealer to make the surface safe for use, even when wet. The resultant gloss, lustre or matte finish is superb, and requires minimal maintenance to keep its ‘just polished’ look. When applying topical sealers, there is wear-and-tear over time, requiring a re-seal every 2-3 years.

DirectStone Offers Polished Concrete Flooring for Outdoors

The stylish minimalism afforded by polished concrete is now appearing in more and more exterior locations. The DirectStone floor specialists recently created an external concrete featurefor an apartment development in Wembley. The polished surface was picked out using a precision grey stain to differentiate the tone, and set off the wooden furnishings surrounding it.

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