Concrete Floor Restoration & Re-Polishing

Concrete Floor Restoration & Re-Polishing

No matter how tired and worn-out your concrete floor might look, there is a better solution than covering it up with tiles or carpet. A diamond-polished concrete floor will renew not only the floor itself, but also the entire space. Polished concrete reflects light which lifts the ambiance of the environment; it also gives a stylish finish. Polished concrete is a trending design feature for a 21st century finish, don’t waste your old floors by covering it up!

If your polished concrete finish is in need of care and attention, we can repair cracks, remove blemishes, and re-polish your floor to return it it to its original sheen.

Restoration Process & Finishes


The condition of your concrete floor will determine the process of restoration and polishing. If the existing concrete is in good condition the surface can be polished using HTC Superfloor™ to the desired finish. If the original floor slab is heavily blemished, pitted or cracked it will need to be cut or ground which will involve the exposure of the natural aggregate. If the original flooring is extremely poor, a topping slab can be added to provide a good foundation for the finish.

More Info
  1. Appearance – we all know how beautiful wood looks once it is sanded down; concrete is just the same. This durable material looks stunning when ground and polished.
  2. Durable – polished concrete has an unlimited lifespan, and is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the building.
  3. Eco-friendly – concrete is made of 100% natural materials, and the coating applied in the HTC Superfloor™ application uses 30% less energy than traditional flooring solutions.
  4. Industry standards – HTC Superfloor™ complies with the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard for industrial floors in the electronics industry. Measured values fall within the range for the international IEC standard and the American ANSI/ESD standard too.
  5. Maintenance – The HTC Twister™ cleaning method allows you to keep all types of floors clean with the minimum of effort. All that is required is water – no chemicals or polishing agents.

Polished Concrete – Other Styles

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