Polished Overlays

Polished Overlays

Most concrete floors can be polished to the high gloss, mirror-like quality now seen in art galleries, retail outlets, and commercial settings. If existing concrete slabs suffer from flaws that might spoil the flooring finish, or limit the style options, polished overlays are proving to be a cost-effective, highly efficient and good-looking alternative. The process of laying a polished concrete floor overlay is different from polishing concrete, but the outcome provides the same WOW factor as the original.

Overlay Installation & Finishes


First the original concrete floor needs to be prepared for the overlay. Existing floor covering is removed and the concrete slabs may need to be reprofiled. The overlay is then poured and dried in preparation for the polishing process. Overlay is polished utilising HTC Superfloor™. The HTC machines integrate diamond tools which grind and polish the concrete floor to create a strong, shiny, gorgeous finish. HTC is a cost effective, eco-friendly way to perfect flooring finishes.

More Info
  1. Tough – Polished concrete is extremely tough, and can easily withstand heavy loads.
  2. Maintenance – Polished concrete is a porous flooring material, so it will need sealing every 2-5 years. Regular mopping of the surface will maintain the lustre.
  3. Adaptable – You may wish to adapt your flooring as trends change; polished concrete can be ground back to expose the aggregate for an alternative textured finish.
  4. Durable – Thanks to its integral toughness, a concrete floor will last the life of the building.
  5. Design – There’s an extended palette to choose from; colours, sizes, stains, pigments and shimmer are all options to create a bespoke polished concrete floor.
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